dr martens black shoes Chattanooga firefighters battle commercial building fire early Tuesday

white dr martens Chattanooga firefighters battle commercial building fire early Tuesday

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dr martens black shoes Chattanooga firefighters battle commercial building fire early Tuesday
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dr martens black shoes Chattanooga firefighters battle commercial building fire early Tuesday
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dr martens oxford street Chase suspect eludes on the road

baby doctor martens Chase suspect eludes on the road

A woman who had eluded Edmond Police in a “terminated” vehicle chase Monday night is in custody. Maria Roche, 41, of 4000 E. Seward Road in Logan County, is now in Oklahoma County jail in connection with felony eluding, leaving the scene of an accident, obstruction, and violation of a protective order.

A report from Edmond Police Department spokeswoman Jenny Wagnon indicates that Sgt. that he had a vehicle that was running from him at Edmond Road and Santa Fe. Martin said they were traveling eastbound on Edmond Road at 70 mph with clear traffic.

The chase wouldn’t stay that way for long; however, as Martin then said the vehicle had turned southbound on Kelly, running a red light and cutting off several vehicles. The chase then continued southbound from Val Genes at approximately 100 mph, and Sgt. Martin was terminating the pursuit.

The police report states that as Martin continued south on Kelly with lights still engaged, he saw the vehicle had crashed out in front of 1310 S. Kelly and the driver’s door was open.

Martin waited for a second police unit and then cleared the vehicle, finding it empty. The report says a perimeter was quickly established and Sgt. Martin and Sgt. Hussey both deployed their K9 partners with “good tracks,” but the driver of the vehicle was not located.

Wagnon said while investigating on the scene, a subject called dispatch stating they had seen the suspect vehicle on a news app and recognized it as an ex girlfriend who had been stalking him immediately before the initiation of the pursuit. He identified the driver as Roche, and provided an address where she lives in Logan County.

Wagnon said Martin and Hussey went to the address accompanied by Logan County deputies. Roche was located there, and was taken into custody by Logan County deputies as she ran out the back door. Deputies turned Roche over to Martin, who transported her to the Edmond facility.

“At the jail, Roche admitted to fleeing because she thought the subject she was stalking had called the police on her, Wagnon said. “She admitted to driving recklessly and endangering others on the road.”
dr martens oxford street Chase suspect eludes on the road

classic dr martens Chase away February gloom with

dr martens wellies Chase away February gloom with

Phoenix Theatre Fun Than Bowling runs through Feb. 25When the Phoenix Theatre invited the public to attend a rehearsal during third Thursday Art Walk in January, I decided it would be fun to go check it out.

Alas, there were no epic battles of the will, no explosions of ego to report. Just a bunch of highly competent actors going about conducting one of the dozens of rehearsals necessary to bring a quality production to the stage for us.

Speaking of the stage, it was a complete shambles unfinished lumber was strewn everywhere and the smell of sawdust was in the air. The construction crew ran saws and pounded nails right up to the moment director Eric Lewis started rehearsal.

One of the interesting aspects of Phoenix’s latest play is the use of the raked stage. Raked stages were popular back in Elizabethan England. Constructed at a slant of 5 to 10 degrees or so, the characters in back could be seen over the characters in front that’s where the stage directions still in use today “upstage” and “downstage” come from.

It creates an additional challenge to the actors who are always compensating for the un level floor beneath them. I had to admire the sure footed cast. There’s also a surprise in store for the audience, making the extra effort of building this stage worth the trouble.

At the rehearsal I discovered that the actors had just surrendered their scripts. They were committing their lines to memory occasionally calling out for a line, but generally well along in the process.

On hand were veterans of the company: Michael McFadden, who plays Jake, and Melanie Calderwood, the mysterious Dyson. Also present, several fresh new faces: Juliette Jones, playing Jake’s daughter Molly; Karin Terry as Lois, Jake’s second wife; and Audrey Herold as Loretta, Jake’s third wife.

Fast forward to opening night, and set designer Jim Thompson’s stage looks fantastic. It’s been transformed from a pile of lumber into a hillside graveyard. This will be the setting throughout More Fun Than Bowling,
classic dr martens Chase away February gloom with
written by Steven Dietz.

I was pleased to hear that Phoenix would be doing another Dietz play. I really enjoyed their production of his Becky New Car. Dietz, who teaches screenwriting, directing and playwriting at the University of Texas Austin, has had his 30 plus plays performed in regional playhouses throughout the country. I don think I exaggerating when I describe him as a comedic genius.

What I loved about Bowling was having the great philosophical questions of life served up to us at the edge of a bowling alley. It’s impossible to take the existential questions of life, love and “the meaning of it all” too seriously as they’re fed to us in a series of bowling analogies. I think my favorite was delivered by McFadden: “Love is an overwhelming thing it’s like being too drunk to go bowling it just doesn’t happen that often!”

McFadden is terrific. The play centers around his character and he plays the role with great aplomb. Each cast member carried their weight and each in their turn delivered lines that brought big laughs.

As with Becky New Car, you may find trying to predict the outcome of Bowling a fruitless endeavor. Generally unpredictable, Bowling’s narrative jumps around a bit, requiring the audience to pay attention. Laid out over a four year stretch, with frequent reminiscences to Jake’s earlier life, be assured that all the pieces will come together for the attentive in the end.

As I walked out of the theatre, I noticed that everyone was smiling and chuckling among themselves. I judge the success of a Phoenix play by how amused the audience is. By that measure, Bowling is a strike, a four bagger, a perfect game. Make it your antidote for February’s gloomy weather.

Friday, Feb. 2 Sunday, Feb. Only.

Nathaniel Brown on School District students plan to participate in National School Walkout March 14Interesting, the number of thumbs down. It seems that a number of anonymous people oppose teaching the kids about freedom.

Darrol Haug on police: Teen late for soccer practice made up story about being stoppedAbout 120 statements and thumbs up for the way the police have handled this situation. No very many in disagreement.

Mike Murdock on police: Teen late for soccer practice made up story about being stoppedIt would appear that Mr. Nelson has entered the hall of shame on this one.

Darrol Haug on The Conversation: The dark side of daylight saving timeIn summer you will have more daylight to protest in the streets. I fail to understand why eliminating DLS is.
classic dr martens Chase away February gloom with

doctor martens work boots Charter Spectrum Boosts Minimum Internet Download Speeds To 100 Mbps

where are doc martens made Charter Spectrum Boosts Minimum Internet Download Speeds To 100 Mbps

Charter raises entry level Internet speeds to 100 Mbps as part of Charter Spectrum launch

St. Louis becomes a flagship market for Charter’s 100 Mbps Internet speed

ST. LOUIS, Mo. You may have seen the ads saying Charter Spectrum is coming but what does it mean for residents in the St. Louis area? Quite simply, it means starting today, Charter Communications (NASDAQ: CHTR) will launch a new suite of all digital services and begin to more than triple entry level Internet speeds from 30 to 100 Mbps for customers in the St. Louis area at no additional cost. The launch of Charter Spectrum and massive speed increase follow the company’s move to an all digital network, with St. Louis selected as its flagship market for the 100 Mbps entry level speed option.

“Charter is raising our entry level Internet speeds at no additional cost to the benefit of the vast majority of customers,” said Charter President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Rutledge. “That strategy differs from other providers who boast top tier Internet speeds that are either priced at a premium or have limited availability, and provides our customers with tremendous value in a simple set of products.”

In addition to the significant Internet speed boost, Charter’s new suite of digital services, titled Charter Spectrum, includes access to more than 200 high definition (HD) video channels and advanced voice service that includes unlimited nationwide calling. New, free downloadable applications also allow customers to stream more than 130 channels of live TV on their tablets, smart phones or mobile devices anywhere inside their homes and with many programming options available for out of home viewing. Charter service does not require long term contracts and is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

“Charter continuously invests in our network to deliver superior products and provide better service and the launch of our Spectrum services reflects that,” said Rutledge. “Through these investments we will differentiate Charter from the competition.”

Charter began its local move to an all digital network in January, investing more than $170 million to upgrade its Missouri and Illinois based network. In all, the company has invested more than $2 billion nationally in its network and is committed to moving to an all digital platform across its entire 29 state footprint by the end of 2014.

The new residential speeds will become available in the St. Louis area starting June 16. Other markets across Charter’s 29 state footprint will realize speed lifts from 30 Mbps to 60 Mbps as the company moves to an all digital network followed by the launch of Charter Spectrum.

Charter (NASDAQ: CHTR) is a leading broadband communications company and the fourth largest cable operator in the United States. Charter provides a full range of advanced broadband services, including advanced Charter TV video entertainment programming, Charter Internet access, and Charter Phone. Charter Business similarly provides scalable, tailored, and cost effective broadband communications solutions to business organizations, such as business to business Internet access, data networking, business telephone, video and music entertainment services, and wireless backhaul. Charter advertising sales and production services are sold under the Charter Media brand.
doctor martens work boots Charter Spectrum Boosts Minimum Internet Download Speeds To 100 Mbps

dr marten heels Charlottetown concert will tell story of her Inuit ancestors

dr martens knee high Charlottetown concert will tell story of her Inuit ancestors

Those words are meant to set the tone for her performance.there is anything that you want to know about Inuit people, coming to my show is a good place to start, says Aglukark. sharing what I have learnt so far. is one of Canada most unique Indigenous artists. Her latest album tells the story of her Inuit ancestors journey, a journey that she couldn describe until 10 years ago. Like many other Indigenous people, she struggled to feel a connection to her ancestors.finally acknowledged that I had lived most of my life in a constant state of fear that I was lesser than everybody else, describes Aglukark. use the Inuktitut word Ilira to describe it is no English definition for the word, but Aglukark defines it as emotional discombobulation. She overcame her fears by realizing that she had the power to set the tone when speaking about her ancestors. She calls it making cultural connections.Aglukark plans to give the audience a full sensory experience during her show through her songs and projected images on stage, to help tell the story of her Inuit ancestors, a story that she believes started long before her people were called Inuit.She acknowledges that her tour is happening during an exciting time for Indigenous artists now that the Canadian government has begun the process of reconciliation with Indigenous people.believe it has allowed us to move into the healing stage as Indigenous people, explains Aglukark. of that healing is reconnecting to our culture and part of my responsibility as an artist is to practice connecting Inuit people to the past. appreciates cultural organizations like the Confederation Centre of the Arts that help to set a positive tone before shows, by stating at the beginning of each performance that the audience is standing on traditional Mi land.
dr marten heels Charlottetown concert will tell story of her Inuit ancestors

doc marten outlet Charlottesville’s weekly newspaper

dr marten black shoes Charlottesville’s weekly newspaper

The stabbing death of a local man allegedly at the hands of a UVA student has forever linked two families, two communities, and two separate worlds.

It’s like a wedding that both sides think is a bad idea. The past week, the Charlottesville Circuit Court was divided into “defendant” and “victim” sides of the court, with each side of the aisle avoiding eye contact with the other.

In one of several dramatic moments, defendant Andrew Alston took the stand November 9 and voice breaking claimed he’d pulled a knife on Walker Sisk in self defense and that Sisk had taken from it him and lunged.

Twenty stab wounds later, Sisk lay dying on the 14th Street sidewalk, and Alston’s knife disappeared.

The trial began November 3, almost a year after volunteer firefighter Sisk, 22, left home on a Friday night to relax with friends.

Third year UVA student Alston, then 21, from Lower Gwynedd Township, Pennsylvania, also headed out with friends and his visiting older brother. During the course of a booze fueled evening, November 8, 2003, the paths of these two young men intersected briefly with tragic, life altering consequences.

In court, Alston charged with second degree murder sat sandwiched between his two Alexandria defense attorneys. His parents, Robert and Karen Alston, sat two rows back on the defendant’s side, accompanied by a couple of supporters.

On the prosecution side of the courtroom, Howard and Barbara Sisk occupied the front row, perhaps to be closer to the proceedings, perhaps to avoid awkward eye contact with the Alstons.

The town v. gown lines were drawn the Sisk side usually packed with family, friends, and plenty of uniformed firefighters. During testimony from the victim’s friend and fellow firefighter, Jimmy Schwab, about how Walker Sisk died, Howard Sisk sprang up and said, “I’m out of here.”

Schwab recounted that he and Sisk had been out drinking and were leaving Orbit Billiards after 1:30am November 8 when a member of Alston’s party whom Schwab dubbed “the mouthy one” started a verbal confrontation.

Even when Alston’s brother,
doc marten outlet Charlottesville's weekly newspaper
Kenny, came over and somehow caused Sisk to fall, Schwab said, he wasn’t worried. When defense attorney John Zwerling asked why, Schwab answered, “Walker wasn’t a fighter.” That was a contention the defense would later try to disprove.

Schwab also noted that he never saw a knife.

The victim’s mother, Barbara, slipped out of the courtroom before the testimony of Dr. Marcella Fierro, Virginia’s chief medical examiner, who performed the autopsy and detailed for the jury the 20 stab wounds Sisk sustained.

Fierro numbered the wounds not in chronological order and was about to describe wound number six when observers heard the sound of whimpering. It was the defendant sobbing at the picture of the five stab wounds the prosecution contended he put in Sisk’s shoulder.

Judge Edward Hogshire rushed the jury out of the courtroom, and Alston was absent for the remainder of Fierro’s testimony.

Of the 20 wounds, most were superficial, Fierro testified. However, one “the one that caused death” plunged three inches in to penetrate Sisk’s heart.

The prosecution produced photos of a gash on Alston’s right hand, and Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jon Zug asked Fierro if Alston’s wound could have be defensive.

“It could be, but that’s less common,” said Fierro. “It slips because of blood on the hand,” Fierro testified. “It doesn’t have to strike bone. All you have to have is a moist hand.”

Fierro placed the victim’s blood alcohol level at around .19 to .21 more than double the legal limit of .08.

Next up: former Alston girlfriend Karen Graham in her second trial appearance involving her ex beau. In November 2003, she testified that Alston had punched her at a party that September.

In that trial, although Judge Robert Downer called it “classic domestic violence,” he acquitted Alston of assault and battery charges because he wasn’t convinced beyond a reasonable doubt.

Graham testified that after the alleged 12:30am assault after another night of partying, she “felt like crap” that someone she loved had gone to jail.

She told the judge that Alston’s parents drove down from Pennsylvania that same day for what she called “damage control.” The elder Alston, an attorney, drafted a statement for her to sign recanting her claim that Andrew Alston hit her. Graham signed the statement, and in subsequent emails Graham hinted that she punched herself.

“I wanted everything to be over and Andrew and I to be together, whatever the cost,” Graham explained a year ago.

In the current murder trial, Graham’s involvement was limited to mentioning that her then boyfriend frequently carried a pocketknife.

Erica Schaul, who lived beside Alston at 1850 Jefferson Park Avenue, told the court that on the night of the killing she went to his apartment and saw his knife, which she estimated to be about four inches long.

The defense asked if Schaul measured it. “It was big enough that it made me uncomfortable,” answered Schaul. “I didn’t want to be around it.”
doc marten outlet Charlottesville's weekly newspaper

patent leather doc martens Charlotte MARTENS

14 eyelet doc martens Charlotte MARTENS

MARTENS, Charlotte Alice nee Kampf Walczak _ Born July 23, 1925 in Folwark, Poland and died peacefully at the St. Catharines General Hospital on Saturday, June 4, 2005. Charlotte is survived by her loving husband Lou Martens, sister Helena Pohler Germany and children, Evelyn Dr. Peter Mucalov, Karin David Milne, Bernie Lou Anne Daemke, Veronica Robert Henri and stepson Robert Martens. Devoted grandmother to Adrian, Monica and Nadia Mucalov, Vanessa and Andrew Milne, Krystelle and Eva n Daemke and Victoria and Patrick Henri. Great grandmother to Emily Grace and step grandmother to Erica, Leanne and Jennifer Martens. Charlotte had many talents. She spoke three languages, was an avid gardener, photographer, knitter and cake decorato r. A Registered Nursing Assistant, she cared for the elderly in St. Catharines, North York as well as as Sutton West and Beaverton, Ontario. The family will receive friends at the Vineland Chapel of the TALLMAN FUNERAL HOMES, 3277 King St. Cremation will follow.0
patent leather doc martens Charlotte MARTENS

white doc marten shoes Charlotte Hall bus line to aid local veterans

dr martens student discount Charlotte Hall bus line to aid local veterans

Effective Feb. 5, Calvert County veterans will be able to take a bus from Prince Frederick to Charlotte Hall Veterans Home.

The new Southern Maryland transit line will run five times a day, five days a week, Monday through Friday.

“Transportation access to health services by our veterans is a challenge for many. Having this bus route will greatly assist any who need transport to the [Community Based Outpatient Clinic], once that facility is constructed,” said Commissioners’ President Evan Slaugenhoupt (R).

CBOCs are clinics that provide outpatient health services for veterans, eliminating the need to travel to larger hospital facilities. Construction bids on a new CBOC slated for Charlotte Hall are expected mid February. Department of Veterans Affairs for the construction of a CBOC in Southern Maryland.

Tri County Council President John Hartline informed The Calvert Recorder that the transportation line was high on the committee’s list of priorities for quite some time, as the members were early advocates of the project. The study also revealed limited connectivity between the various public transit operators in the Southern Maryland region.

A 2016 Transportation Development Plan cited the need for a direct connection “to allow citizens the availability to expanded medical, educational, and employment opportunities,” said Calvert County Transportation Division Chief Sandy Wobbleton.

Wobbleton’s department submitted the original request for funding for the bus line to MTA through an annual transportation grant application. Wobbleton acknowledged the Tri County Council was a great asset in vocalizing the need for the connection and involved local stakeholders to gain support for the bus service.

Hartline confirmed the council advocated for funding for the route and was instrumental in the acquisition of roughly $70,000 from MTA for additional buses for the route, but explained the money actually went from MTA to Calvert County.

“We didn’t expect the funds to be forthcoming, but then we were told that [Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary George Owings] played a key role for Calvert to run the bus line,” said Hartline, giving kudos to Owings.

According to a Calvert County government press release, MTA’s investment accounted for 75 percent of the effort. The Calvert commissioners invested $23,456 from the county’s fiscal 2018 operating budget. The county then applied an additional $67,895 from its Capital Improvement Plan to purchase the new bus.

The new line will also provide direct connections for transfers between Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties’ public transportation service.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to get all three bus lines to come to the same place at the same time,” Hartline said. “This is big step forward in making it much easier to travel from Prince Frederick to Waldorf, to Lexington Park we’re finally there.”.
white doc marten shoes Charlotte Hall bus line to aid local veterans

office dr martens Charlotte Ames

dr marten stockists Charlotte Ames

Charlotte is originally from our region, having grown up in Irvona, Clearfield County. in Journalism and a Certificate in Broadcasting from Penn State University, where she graduated with high distinction.

She had a hard time breaking into news reporting, and started out as a night time disc jockey at WRTA Radio in Altoona. A few people out there might remember “a little night music with Wendy Chase.” Former WTAJ Weathercaster Tom Casey actually gave her her first job in the broadcast media. What was he thinking?! He said her real name wasn euphonious so she went by the name “Wendy Chase.” He still a friend, though!

Eventually, she got into radio news and then on to TV, at the station she watched all of her life. Earlier in her career at WTAJ NEWS, she reported on politics, crime, child abuse, and just about every other subject WTAJ News has covered. She also has served as Weekend and Morning anchor. For much of her career here, she has been focusing on medical subjects. People sometimes ask if Charlotte has a medical background. The answer is no, other than being a caregiver for her mother, and aunts. Those experiences brought her up close and personal with heart attack, bypass surgery, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, ischemic stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage, diabetes, cataracts, and hip fracture.

Charlotte is married to 30th District State Senator H. John Eichelberger Jr., who represents Blair and Fulton counties, and parts of Cumberland,
office dr martens Charlotte Ames
Franklin and Huntingdon Counties. She met him while covering President George Bush visit to Penn State. Her stepson Johnny is an attorney in Houston. The family includes Lillie, an AiredaleTerrier rescue and Oakley, also an Airedale. Her community activities include serving on the boards of the Altoona Food Bank and the Blair County Library. She recently “graduated” from the Central Pa. Humane Society Board, after serving two terms, and remains very interested in animal rescue.

Charlotte hobbies and interests include reading, genealogy (any Ames, Bloom, Cameron, Hersh, Johnston, Kimball, Leonard, or Young relatives out there?) music, and DOGS. She plays the piano and organ, and played the clarinet in her high school band. She also the organist at two area churches.

Get to Know Charlotte What are your favorite TV shows?

NCIS, Hawaii Five O, the Mentalist

What are your favorite movies?

Out of Africa, Braveheart, Elizabeth, Pride Prejudice

What websites do you visit the most?

News websites, medical web sites

What is your favorite restaurant?

Chinese food, seafood salads are my favorites, but I don have a favorite restaurant

If you could interview anyone in history, who would it be?

Queen Elizabeth the first

What is one thing on your bucket list?

Returning to Great Britain and visiting Ireland and other European countries

What is one thing about you most people would be surprised by?

My great great great great great great Grandmother Ames was convicted of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials

What are your favorite sports teams?

I hate sports, but I like to see the Steelers and Pirates win because my husband and friends like them.

What is your favorite hobby?

Genealogy, but I never get to spend any time on it.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Retired from the news business, fostering dogs or helping in some type of animal rescue effort

What was your most memorable interview/weather event/sporting event?

It is always memorable and inspiring talking to people in difficult situations or with serious illnesses manage to keep their faith and determination. Also,
office dr martens Charlotte Ames
I have enjoyed covering the first Clinton inauguration and stories with the first President Bush.

martens 1460 Charlie Major to headline rodeo dance

doctor martens outlet Charlie Major to headline rodeo dance

A Canadian country music star will headline the Camrose Spring Classic Rodeo’s rodeo dance.

The Camrose Regional Exhibition announced this past week that Charlie Major will play this year’s event.

Major was one of the genre’s biggest names during the earning three Juno Awards for Country Male Vocalist of the Year and was named Best Male Vocalist three times by the Canadian Country Music Association.

“He’s a Canadian country music icon who crosses all generations,” said CRE general manager Chuck Erman.

The CRE has made it a priority the last couple of years to bring in a headliner for the rodeo dance as opposed to having a DJ playing canned music. Two years ago Aaron Pritchett was brought in and last year it was Bobby Wills.

The rodeo dance and the rodeo means a whole lot more to the CRE than just a weekend of busting bulls and two stepping.

“It’s the whole tradition of what a rodeo weekend is,” said Erman. “Yes Camrose is a city, but we have to remember where we came from with our roots. When you go to a smaller community that’s a special weekend, just as it is here. As the city has grown, we’ve evolved and it becomes part of our whole western culture and our western heritage.”

Major was born in Aylmer, Que., and has been making music since he was 19 years old. He burst on to the Canadian country scene in 1993 with his album The Other Side with six singles that went to No. 1 on the country chart with “I’m going to drive you out of my mind” being named CCMA Single of the year.

“He’s one of those acts you can just watch and watch and watch,” said Erman. “If you haven’t seen him before, he’s got so many hits that you’ll be listening at the show and going ‘I know that song, I know that song, and I know that song too.”
martens 1460 Charlie Major to headline rodeo dance