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Information is being sought from the public after a number of vehicles were damaged on the Central Coast over the weekend. Police say there were 16 seperate incidents of malicious damage to vehicles in Bateau Bay, Long Jetty, Shelly Beach, and Toowoon Bay, between about 3am and 5.30am on Sunday. Most of the incidents involve damage to motor vehicle windows and windscreens. Tyres were also punctured in two incidents. Anyone who may have been a victim of these offences, who may have witnessed the offences happening, or have any other information, is urged to contact police.

The state government Return and Earn scheme has proven to be hugely popular on the Central Coast in less than a month of operation. Already, more than 1.5 million drink containers and bottles have been returned in exchange for 10 cent receipts which can be redeemed for cash or donated to selected charities. In the first two weeks of operation, the Erina Fair reverse vending machine received 125,591 deposits. Since December, the Bateau Bay machine clocked up 653,527 returns, while Lisarow has so far recorded 701,610. Cans, glass bottles and juice boxes are allowed to be cashed in, however milk and wine bottles are not permitted. (VISION ONLY)

The Wallarah 2 Coal Mine has been granted conditional approval by the state Planning Assessment Commission. The independent body has determined that the project IS in the public interest. It also states that the potential impact to the water catchment is minimal, and can be managed through strict controls and requirements. Residents have been fighting this development for more than 20 years. The $800 million dollar underground coal mine is set to create 300 full time jobs.
size 3 dr martens Central Coast News

doc marten chelsea boot Champaign County Board votes to put nursing home up for sale

pastel doc martens Champaign County Board votes to put nursing home up for sale

URBANA Champaign County Board members voted Tuesday night to put the county nursing home up for sale.

By a margin of 13 8, with Democrats Pattsi Petrie, C. Pius Weibel and Shana Jo Crews joining all 10 Republicans, the board voted to issue a request for proposals from private operators to purchase the county owned facility in east Urbana. Champaign Democrat Giraldo Rosales was absent from the meeting.

Weibel, the chair of the county board, said he voted for the sale because continuing to operate the nursing home for a full year would threaten other parts of county government.

“If we were to keep the nursing home, we’d be struggling to find money for it,” he said. “It’s money. We don’t have the money to do it. Either we keep the nursing home going or we lay off other people.”

The vote came after about 45 minutes of public input from opponents and supporters of selling the nursing home, including nursing home advisory board member Cathy Emanuel, who said that there are “positive trends” at the facility and that the county could increase its value by keeping it open.

But Republican former county board member Scott Tapley contended the home has lost money for years and would continue to do so.

Jennifer Putman, a 30 year veteran of the county board, attended both the Republican and Democratic caucus meetings to plead with board members to not sell the home.

“The ship is turning around,” Putman told the Democratic caucus. “We can continue to allow SAK (the private manager of the home) to turn the nursing home around and see the positive results that would come from keeping our public nursing home public.”

‘Do the math’

But an updated report from County Auditor Diane Michaels, distributed to board members Tuesday, said that the nursing home now owes more than $5.5 million to vendors and to the county government, an increase of more than $375,000 from a month earlier. It owes $2.8 million to outside vendors and $2.7 million to various county accounts,
doc marten chelsea boot Champaign County Board votes to put nursing home up for sale
Michaels said.

Following the public input, board members debated the sale for another 50 minutes.

“If you’re voting for a for profit nursing home, you are voting to exploit staff members that are currently part of our county class,” said Champaign Democrat Stephanie Fortado. “This idea that we somehow have to choose between the financial solvency of the county and selling the nursing home is not accurate.

“We could, if we all worked together, come up with actual solutions. I just think that we haven’t been willing to.”

Mahomet Republican Jim Goss said that it costs about $100,000 each day to operate the county government “and we’re down to $3.2 million” in the county general fund.

“Do the math. Thirty two days. That’s what it is,” he said. “Because we have given away two and a half million dollars.”

But Champaign Democrat Kyle Patterson argued that the nursing home provides a valuable service to the community.

“I’m sick and tired of this discussion of losing money,” he said. “Do we go, ‘Oh no, tonight we’re going to lose $3,000 to the state’s attorney’s office and all we got out of it was expert testimony in three child abuse cases?'”

Mahomet Republican Brooks Marsh said he believed “you can get better care from a private home than we’re giving them today in this home.”

Terms of sale

Under the terms of sale, the minimum bid for the nursing home would be $11 million and any proposals for the purchase of the home would be due by Feb. 28.

A timeline listed in the request for proposals says that the sale process would be completed by May 1.

Among the terms to any sale of the nursing home:

Any sale of the nursing home would require “yes” votes from at least 15 members of the 22 member county board.

The purchaser must agree to maintain a skilled nursing facility with 220 beds, and any additional permitted uses are limited to a geriatric center, long term care facility or assisted living facility. The restrictions would remain in place until Dec. 31, 2027.

The purchaser would assume the existing collective bargaining agreement between the nursing home and the AFSCME union.

The purchaser must agree to rehire all existing employees who pass a background check, not terminate 10 percent or more of the employees within the first 60 days following the closing date and not 20 percent or more of the current employees during the first six months after the closing date,
doc marten chelsea boot Champaign County Board votes to put nursing home up for sale
all at their current salary levels with benefits similar to those currently received.

Priority for admissions would be given to Champaign County residents for 10 years. Bidders also would have to “address future admissions policies” and would have to “set aside a minimum of 50 percent of the licensed long term facility beds to Medicaid payees” for at least 10 years.

The purchaser would have to spell out how it would “work with and be accountable to the community.”.

dr martens 1461 black patent Cattlemen Release 2018 Policy Priorities

womens cherry red dr martens Cattlemen Release 2018 Policy Priorities

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association today unveiled its 2018 Policy Priorities, which will guide the group’s lobbying efforts in Washington over the coming year. The document was released at the annual Cattle Industry Convention in Phoenix.

This year’s Priorities focus on five main categories: the 2018 Farm Bill, Trade and Market Access, Regulatory Reform, Antimicrobial Use, and Fake Meat.

Some of this year’s priorities are familiar to longtime industry watchers. Like last year, NCBA will work to ensure that the pending Farm Bill includes full funding for a foot and mouth disease vaccine bank, protects conservation programs like the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and prevents market disrupting policies like mandatory Country of Origin Labeling (COOL).

Likewise, the group’s regulatory reform efforts will again focus on finding a permanent solution to an electronic logging devices mandate, modernizing the Endangered Species Act, and replacing the 2015 Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. Another new emphasis in 2018 will be a focus on protecting the industry and consumers from fake meat and misleading labels on products that do not contain real beef.

“With tax reform, regulatory rollbacks, and new access to the Chinese market, we had some big victories in Washington last year, but this is no time to take a break, and 2018 promises a mix of new and familiar challenges,” said incoming NCBA President Kevin Kester, a fifth generation California rancher. “We’re going to continue to ensure fair access to foreign markets, fight against unnecessary regulation, make sure the Farm Bill addresses our needs, and guarantee that consumers have the ability to purchase a safe, healthy, and accurately labeled protein source.”
dr martens 1461 black patent Cattlemen Release 2018 Policy Priorities

martens 1460 Charlie Major to headline rodeo dance

doctor martens outlet Charlie Major to headline rodeo dance

A Canadian country music star will headline the Camrose Spring Classic Rodeo’s rodeo dance.

The Camrose Regional Exhibition announced this past week that Charlie Major will play this year’s event.

Major was one of the genre’s biggest names during the earning three Juno Awards for Country Male Vocalist of the Year and was named Best Male Vocalist three times by the Canadian Country Music Association.

“He’s a Canadian country music icon who crosses all generations,” said CRE general manager Chuck Erman.

The CRE has made it a priority the last couple of years to bring in a headliner for the rodeo dance as opposed to having a DJ playing canned music. Two years ago Aaron Pritchett was brought in and last year it was Bobby Wills.

The rodeo dance and the rodeo means a whole lot more to the CRE than just a weekend of busting bulls and two stepping.

“It’s the whole tradition of what a rodeo weekend is,” said Erman. “Yes Camrose is a city, but we have to remember where we came from with our roots. When you go to a smaller community that’s a special weekend, just as it is here. As the city has grown, we’ve evolved and it becomes part of our whole western culture and our western heritage.”

Major was born in Aylmer, Que., and has been making music since he was 19 years old. He burst on to the Canadian country scene in 1993 with his album The Other Side with six singles that went to No. 1 on the country chart with “I’m going to drive you out of my mind” being named CCMA Single of the year.

“He’s one of those acts you can just watch and watch and watch,” said Erman. “If you haven’t seen him before, he’s got so many hits that you’ll be listening at the show and going ‘I know that song, I know that song, and I know that song too.”
martens 1460 Charlie Major to headline rodeo dance

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dr martens monkey boots uk Central MO Breaking News

Jesse Robert Moon, 20, of Rolla, Mo., died Tuesday, September 19, 2017, at his home. He was born October 9, 1996, in Warrenburg, Mo., son of Charles and Tammy Bennett of Rolla, Mo, and Timothy and Jennifer Moon of Holts Summit, Mo. Jesse was a 2015 graduate of Rolla High School. As a child, Jesse had a way to brighten your day. He was a big ball of energy, joking around and being silly. He always made an attempt to talk to everyone he came across. Jesse loved playing sports, football most of all. Jesse played for Pal League and Jefferson City “Jay Birds”. He enjoyed gaming with his friends and siblings,
dr martens desert boots Central MO Breaking News
hunting and fishing with his dad, grandpa and brothers. Jesse had a big heart especially for rescued animals. Survivors include: siblings: Cody Moon (US Army) fiancee: Liz Austin) of Madison, Va., Joseph Hughes of Holts Summit, Mo., Bailey Moon of Holts Summit, Mo., Jennifer Bennett, Caitlin Bennett, Micheal Bennett and Christopher Bennett of Rolla, Mo.; grandparents: Leon and Carole Moon of Atoka, Okla. Carol J. He was preceded in death by his grandparents: E. Bennett (US Army) of Rolla, Mo., Julia G. Moon of Cash, Okla. and Emmett R. Hughes of Jefferson City, Mo. in Holts Summit, Mo.
dr martens desert boots Central MO Breaking News

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green doc martens Chan on quest to conquer cancer

“I never took electronics. I kind of grew past that,” said Liu, who is planning to attend the Canada Wide Science Fair this month in Montreal, where he hopes to earn a third consecutive gold medal. He will be joined by one other Richmond student.

“It may be a bit messy. All my parents say is ‘don’t burn the house down,'” chuckled Liu, who does, in fact, keep a fire extinguisher next to his workbench, or rather his bed.

His printer uses a composite material of solvent polymer and carbon fibre, which is stored as a liquid in a compartment but quickly hardens when it comes out of the nozzle. Standard 3D printers heat plastic and then spit out the product.

“My printing process doesn’t use any heat,” said Liu.

To boot, his products are stronger than normal 3D printers.

Liu had grown tired of printing too many things and overheating his original printer.

“Because I use the composite material, there are no heating elements,” he said.

One of the problems his new printer has is a lower resolution rate than regular printers. Liu said he’s examining evaporation rates of the solvent, which could allow him to reduce the nozzle size,
dr martens navy Chan on quest to conquer cancer
thus increasing the resolution of printed products.

Liu has already won eight regional science fair competitions on top of his two national gold medals. Last year he built a laser based non lethal weapon.

Liu, who professes to be “pretty good with computers,” has scored perfect grades in physics and math classes. this September.

Burnett secondary school teacher Sam Jessa helped students get to the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair earlier this year, where Liu won his all expenses paid trip to the national fair in Montreal.

The regional science fair was a perfect opportunity to allow science focused students to explore the new curriculum, noted Jessa.

“With the new curriculum changing, I had the kids do their own inquiry,” said Jessa.

So, whereas in the past a teacher may have directed students in a certain direction, Jessa allowed the students to choose their own projects so long as they demonstrated learning.

“Students picked a problem around the world or a topic that’s of interest. Then they developed questions around the subject and found an innovation that will solve the problem,” said Jessa.

One of Jessa’s former students at Burnett was Grade 11 student Vanessa Chan, who helped the BC Cancer Agency recognize genetic variants of long term survivors of pancreatic cancer.

Chan also won a trip to the national fair, joining Liu as the only two Richmond students at the exclusive event.

“I was really surprised because all the projects around me were excellent,” said Chan, who was supervised by Jessa after being one of her students in Grade 8.

She was able to sequence hereditary pancreatic genes by analyzing tumour samples and comparing them to normal tissue.

In working on the project, Chan was able to demonstrate all of the critical fundamentals of senior biology classes,
dr martens navy Chan on quest to conquer cancer
however she also went above and beyond what was expected of her exactly what the new curriculum is designed to do.

dr martens high heels Causes For and Myths About Temper Tantrums

dr martens style shoes Causes For and Myths About Temper Tantrums

Even the best behaved children will throw a tantrum occasionally. Parenting and child behaviour expert Eileen Hayes shares some home truths about tantrums and the reasons behind them.

What is a tantrum?

Tantrums are emotional explosions from your child. Some result from anger and temper, where the child stamps, kicks, hits and screams, while others are distress related, where they cry, sob and throw themselves on the floor. They are usually most common in the toddler years, and become easier to handle once a child develops greater language skills.

Points to think about

Tantrums are part of normal developmental behaviour for children aged 1 3 and over. They are not “naughty” or used deliberately to wind you up.

It been estimated that tantrums occur at least once a week in 50 80% of children, and one in five two year olds have two or more tantrums a day.

A lot of behaviour we value in adults, such as having one’s own ideas and being assertive, has its roots in “difficult” toddler behaviour.

Remember! Tantrums need an audience. Children don pop into the next room to have them.

Tantrum Triggers some common causes

Frustration often due to limited language, or lacking the skills to complete tasks for example: getting stuck with a jumper half way on, or a piece of puzzle that won fit.

Being hungry or tired

Wanting things they can have whether it sweets at the checkout, one more TV programme or a friend toy.

Wanting independence Wanting to walk, not ride in the buggy, to choose their own clothes,
dr martens high heels Causes For and Myths About Temper Tantrums
or to brush their own teeth.

Over stimulation Common during exciting events like parties or Christmas.

Attention seeking If previous tantrums got lots of attention, this can become a pattern as kids grow. No matter how great a parent you are, most toddlers will have a tantrum at some stage.

My child does it deliberately when we out to embarrass me Toddlers really don think in that way! All their behaviour is an expression of their own needs and feelings, not trying to get at you, even though it can sometimes feel like that.

My child saves her tantrums for me she good as gold with her childminder Believe it or not, this is a compliment! Your child feels most emotionally secure with you, and knows you will still love her no matter how she behaves. After being on best behaviour all day at nursery, it is common to boil over with parents.

Is there anything you can do to prevent tantrums? Check out our advice here. Now top parenting expert Elizabeth Pantley explains how to tame those tantrums before they’ve even started!

Discipline for Dads: Effective discipline requires positive attention and good relationships, says Tom Beardshaw from Fathers Direct. Tom gives his top tips for how parents can work together to discipline their children.

Putting a Stop to Whining: Every parent suffers through it: The loud, obnoxious, pull your hair out whining of a child who wants his or her way, now.

Calming your kids: how do you tame a wild child? It common for young children to express themselves physically when they don have enough words to say what they want or need. But there are some things you can do to ease their aggression.

Put a Stop to Biting: Up to a quarter of all children will bite others at some stage, with most parents conceeding that it’s one of the worst things your child could do in public. And, it can be just as alienating for you as for your child.
dr martens high heels Causes For and Myths About Temper Tantrums

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dr marten stockists Charlotte Ames

Charlotte is originally from our region, having grown up in Irvona, Clearfield County. in Journalism and a Certificate in Broadcasting from Penn State University, where she graduated with high distinction.

She had a hard time breaking into news reporting, and started out as a night time disc jockey at WRTA Radio in Altoona. A few people out there might remember “a little night music with Wendy Chase.” Former WTAJ Weathercaster Tom Casey actually gave her her first job in the broadcast media. What was he thinking?! He said her real name wasn euphonious so she went by the name “Wendy Chase.” He still a friend, though!

Eventually, she got into radio news and then on to TV, at the station she watched all of her life. Earlier in her career at WTAJ NEWS, she reported on politics, crime, child abuse, and just about every other subject WTAJ News has covered. She also has served as Weekend and Morning anchor. For much of her career here, she has been focusing on medical subjects. People sometimes ask if Charlotte has a medical background. The answer is no, other than being a caregiver for her mother, and aunts. Those experiences brought her up close and personal with heart attack, bypass surgery, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, ischemic stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage, diabetes, cataracts, and hip fracture.

Charlotte is married to 30th District State Senator H. John Eichelberger Jr., who represents Blair and Fulton counties, and parts of Cumberland,
office dr martens Charlotte Ames
Franklin and Huntingdon Counties. She met him while covering President George Bush visit to Penn State. Her stepson Johnny is an attorney in Houston. The family includes Lillie, an AiredaleTerrier rescue and Oakley, also an Airedale. Her community activities include serving on the boards of the Altoona Food Bank and the Blair County Library. She recently “graduated” from the Central Pa. Humane Society Board, after serving two terms, and remains very interested in animal rescue.

Charlotte hobbies and interests include reading, genealogy (any Ames, Bloom, Cameron, Hersh, Johnston, Kimball, Leonard, or Young relatives out there?) music, and DOGS. She plays the piano and organ, and played the clarinet in her high school band. She also the organist at two area churches.

Get to Know Charlotte What are your favorite TV shows?

NCIS, Hawaii Five O, the Mentalist

What are your favorite movies?

Out of Africa, Braveheart, Elizabeth, Pride Prejudice

What websites do you visit the most?

News websites, medical web sites

What is your favorite restaurant?

Chinese food, seafood salads are my favorites, but I don have a favorite restaurant

If you could interview anyone in history, who would it be?

Queen Elizabeth the first

What is one thing on your bucket list?

Returning to Great Britain and visiting Ireland and other European countries

What is one thing about you most people would be surprised by?

My great great great great great great Grandmother Ames was convicted of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials

What are your favorite sports teams?

I hate sports, but I like to see the Steelers and Pirates win because my husband and friends like them.

What is your favorite hobby?

Genealogy, but I never get to spend any time on it.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Retired from the news business, fostering dogs or helping in some type of animal rescue effort

What was your most memorable interview/weather event/sporting event?

It is always memorable and inspiring talking to people in difficult situations or with serious illnesses manage to keep their faith and determination. Also,
office dr martens Charlotte Ames
I have enjoyed covering the first Clinton inauguration and stories with the first President Bush.

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doc martens black patent Central Texas News and Weather for Waco

This report studies Luxury Shoes in Global market, especially in North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and India, with production, revenue, consumption, import and export in these regions, from 2012 to 2016, and forecast to 2022. Martens Base London John Lobb Bootmaker Salvatore Ferragamo LottusseOn the basis of product, this report displays the production, revenue, price, market share and growth rate of each type, primarily split into Men Women KidsBy Application, the market can be split into Online Store Direct Sale OtherBy Regions, this report covers (we can add the regions/countries as you want) North America China Europe Southeast Asia Japan IndiaThis report provides valuable information for companies like manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, traders, customers, investors and individuals who have interests in this industry. Martens 8.9.1 Company Profile 8.9.2 Product Picture and Specifications Product A Product B 8.9.3 Dr. Martens 2016 Luxury Shoes Sales, Ex factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis 8.9.4 Dr.
black dr marten shoes Central Texas News and Weather for Waco

dr martens sandals chant started with the Jags

doc martens discount code chant started with the Jags

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. “DUUUVALLLL!” It’s the chant heard throughout Everbank Field as much a part of the Jaguars’ fan experience as the risk of heat stroke in the preseason.

Despite it being the official war cry at home games, the chant didn’t start in the stands. In fact, it nearly predates the team.

in the streets were saying ‘Duval, Duval,’ and I just extended the word and made it long, recalled Easy E, longtime city DJ. He was formerly at 92.7 The Beat and is currently at both 93.3 The Beat and V101.5.

Known for popularizing phrases like and during his years on the air, he took the word from the street and sometime in the late ’90s, made it into a drop, or a highly stylized recording that he played during songs, at shows and inside of mixtapes.

been using that drop for years, he told First Coast News. never knew it would blow up like it did. I’m happy, because everyone is saying it right now. Everybody. first time I heard it was on the radio with Easy E, said Willie Evans Jr., formerly half of the hip hop group Asamov. then from there it started exploding. Evans said he heard it during performances around the country and even at shows in Canada.

don’t think he knew it was going to sprout as it did, said Genedotcom, a DJ at V101.5 one of those recognizable phrases. No matter where I go in the country, the the minute you say I’m from Jacksonville they will say ‘Duuuval’ for you. Cause that’s how they know us. ups to Easy,” he added.

The popularity of the chant has waned somewhat in the hip hop community as it has become more mainstream.

something like that becomes popular you know, the cool cats are going to be like, my mama is saying Duval now, Evans joked. if I’m in a crowd of people saying it, I’m going to say it. Because it feels good. It feels good.

Genedotcom agreed. that common thread. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you are blue collar, white collar, it doesn’t matter. When we’re in that stadium we’re one nation. Redhead, brunette, low haircut, dreadlocks its that commonality that well all have together. glad it’s sprouting. It’s kind of bringing the city a little closer together,” he added.
dr martens sandals chant started with the Jags