dr martens made in england Americans to unite for greater good

dr martens 8761 Americans to unite for greater good

Chanting “Keep that dream alive” and “We shall overcome,” nearly 100 local residents black, white, young and old marched through snow and slush from the Boys and Girls Club to Durrett Avenue Baptist Church in honor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The national holiday marked 50 years since King was assassinated on his balcony at a Memphis hotel. Today, he would’ve been 89, noted the Rev. Lisa Lewis Balboa as she welcomed guests to the church service.

Miller, pastor of Moore’s Baptist Church, said that Moses, like the Civil Rights activist, realized that his people were suffering and needed to be free, so he set out on a mission to lead the children of Israel out of slavery from the Egyptians.

“(Moses) recognized that no matter how good I got it on the inside of this house, there are some people on the outside of the house that look just like me who aren’t eating good like me,” Miller said. “Moses got tired of seeing what was happening to the folks that looked like him, and one day Moses decided that I’m not going to take it no more.”

Miller went on to talk about how African Americans today need to realize the need to stick together and to be a part of the team, even more so since the Civil Rights Movement.

“If you’re African American, you’re just as African American as the other,” he said, noting that when stopped by the police, they don’t give you a questionnaire to determine clout, education or sexuality. “At this time, we’re living in a society where,
dr martens made in england Americans to unite for greater good
because of the color of our skin, we’re being blocked from achieving certain things more than ever.

“We have to make up our minds that if we don’t come together, we won’t be together when the enemy comes to divide us.”

Along with sticking together, Miller said African Americans should continue the journey that King started. He noted that they overcame a lot, but there is still so much to overcome.

“It seems like, 50 years later, we’re not marching for the same reason they marched for, but we’re in danger of going back to the place where they started from,” the pastor said. “Since we have so much education to choose from, we choose not to get an education . since we have so many candidates to choose from, we choose not to vote for anyone.”

He continued by saying there’s so many people talking, but no one is actually doing anything a note that received an applause from the crowd.

Miller concluded his message urging the crowd to not get discouraged while trying to do something for the greater good. He also said, “Don’t allow yourself to go back to a place that’s pure hell because it was comfortable.”

“You’d rather die a slave than die fighting for your freedom,” he said, as the crowd listened in. “You’d rather die working for someone else than die trying to make something happen for you and your people.”

In closing, Miller encouraged the crowd to pray instead of panic, know your history, be cautious of fake smiles, and to not let religion hinder progress for the people.

“Dr. King was a preacher, but he didn’t let his religion interfere with his spirituality,” he said “Don’t let your religion lead you in a place that just because someone doesn’t believe what you believe,
dr martens made in england Americans to unite for greater good
it stops us from progress.”.