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Biographical: He had just finished a time trial run at a speed of 82.49 MPH and had started slowing the car when the front wheels began swerving wildly. The car whipped from side to side out of control. The car then veered off the race track and rolled over five times at about 45 MPH. The open bodied car had a roll bar, but Blaha somehow slipped out of the seat belt and was thrown from the vehicle. He was transported to Belle Fourche Health Care Center, then transferred to Rapid City Regional Hospital East where he was dead on arrival.

Car: 1967 Chevy II

Biographical: He was dead on arrival shortly after midnight at a hospital in Owensboro, Kentucky. The fatal accident occurred on Saturday at the 1/8th mile track. He lived in Harrisburg, Illinois, and was a miner. He was survived by his wife, Terri,
mens dr martens brogues Drag Strip Deaths
and a son, Rhett. 3, 2015

Accident Date: May 9, 1975Biographical: He was operating an unlicensed dragster on a county road when he lost control and went off the side of the road. He struck a culvert and drainage ditch before flipping over. He was transported to Albany Medical Center Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. 21, 1944, SS issued in New York)Died: July 5, 1977Age: 36

Biographical: Chrysler rented the Milan race track for testing. Carlton lost control of the car at the end of his run and the car flipped several times. It was thought that the excessive summer heat may have caused him to pass out from dehydration. He was transported to the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor where he died. He lived in North Carolina. His wife and son witnessed the accident.
mens dr martens brogues Drag Strip Deaths