dr martens oxblood boots Dozens of new jobs to be created at Carlisle Airport

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Dozens of new jobs are set to be created at Carlisle Lake District Airport, as it prepares for the launch this summer of its first commercial passenger flights for 25 years.

About 50 people will work at the upgraded airport and new terminal complex once flights are launched in June.

It was confirmed this week that the first commercial flights leaving Carlisle in 25 years will take off from the revamped regional airport a few miles east of the city on June 4.

The airport aims to run services to London, Belfast and Dublin.

Meanwhile the Cumbrian leading the construction of the new terminal at Carlisle Lake District Airport has spoken of his excitement for the multi million pound scheme.

Appleby born Roy Hill has made a return to his home county to lead the building project.

Roy is a project manager for Stobart Rail, part of the Stobart Group which is behind the redevelopment of Carlisle Airport.

He is currently leading a team of 50 people, many of whom are local contractors, on a muddy site near the revamped runway off the A689.

That figure is expected to rise to about 110 when construction is at its most intensive over the next five months.

Firms involved in the development which is being backed by a 5m injection from Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership include Border Steel, Penrith based Waitings, and H Groundworks from Appleby.

Mr Hill is no stranger to building airport terminals.

He led on the development and subsequent expansion of the terminal at London Southend airport,
dr martens oxblood boots Dozens of new jobs to be created at Carlisle Airport
which is owned and operated by Stobart Group.

Mr Hill, who has worked for Stobart Rail for 17 years, said: “It is fantastic to be here. It has been a long time coming and something I signed up for 10 years ago when I got here.”

Mr Hill spoke to The Cumberland News as Stobart Group offered the first glimpse of the steel structure that will become the new terminal building.

It stands 66 metres long, 18 metres wide and some 11 metres high.

The roof will be going on next, along with first floor external walls.

Mr Hill hopes that the building will be water tight by March so that the internal works such as the electrics and heating can begin.

Once complete, the terminal will have its own baggage carousel, check in area, and passenger area.

Land is also being developed to offer car parking.

Major work has also been carried out to revamp the runway to ensure it is ready to accept passenger aircraft.

The east west runway has had 250mm of concrete laid for its foundations. It is also being topped by 150mm of Tarmac.

The arrival of commercial flights to and from Carlisle Lake District Airport is set to bring “whole new groups of visitors to the area”,
dr martens oxblood boots Dozens of new jobs to be created at Carlisle Airport
said Ms Willard.