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Cunningham Township Assessor Wayne Williams, caught shorthanded in his office after dismissing two deputy assessors one day, then firing a replacement assessor four days later, said township residents shouldn’t be concerned about the work of the office getting done.

But Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin admitted that’s one of her worries. The city and the township share the same boundaries, and the city council also is the town board. Further, the city government is dependent on fair and accurate property assessments.

“I don’t know how far behind they are, but that’s one of the things we’ll be asking Wayne on Monday night. How is he going to get this done?” said the mayor.

Williams is scheduled to meet with Marlin and the town board behind closed doors Monday night.

“I have kept one staff member who I have tremendous faith in,” Williams said of deputy assessor Katie Moore, “and Joe will be here until the 31st (of January). I believe we’ll be able to do what we need to do for the taxpayers of Cunningham Township.”

“Joe” is Joe Meents, who was hired on Tuesday and fired (effective Jan. 31) on Friday amid criticism from city council members. Meents faces felony official misconduct charges in Champaign County Circuit Court over the alleged misuse of a county credit card when he was the supervisor of assessments.

Starting behind schedule and with a limited staff, Williams will have to cram a lot of work into about four months.

“We will work with Wayne to get his 2018 assessments turned in,” said Paula Bates, who succeeded Meents as the supervisor of assessments after he resigned in January 2016. “They have to be turned in by the end of May, beginning of June.

“We have to get those turned in. That way we can send notices to all the taxpayers who have changes and they can have the opportunity to appeal their assessments between July 1 through September 10. That’s our tax cycle.”If city council members decide that they want to, they can put the question of abolishing Cunningham Township and absorbing its responsibilities within the city government on the November general election ballot.

Alderman Eric Jakobsson suggested last week that it’s something the council might do in the aftermath of township Assessor Wayne Williams’ dismissal of two longtime employees.

“I have had private discussions with people before this incident, but I think this incident puts it way up to the forefront,” Jakobsson said. “Frankly,
dr martens leather satchel few to do it at assessor
at this moment with the facts that I know now, I think that would be a good thing to do.”

The city council and township board are one and the same, so it wouldn’t take a lot of agreement to get the issue on the ballot.

“The referendum shall be substantially in the following form: Shall the Township of (name of township) cease?”

It’s that simple. The city council could put the issue on the ballot and the voters would vote on it. If approved, the township would be done with.

Harold gets royal treatment

Gov. Bruce Rauner gets criticized by some Republicans for not being a team player and for looking out mostly for No. 1.

That came through pretty clearly last week when Rauner, in an interview with the editorial board of the Joliet Herald News, was asked what he thought of the Republican Party candidate for secretary of state, Grundy County State’s Attorney Jason Helland.

He didn’t throw Helland under the bus; he just left him standing alone at the bus stop.

But the governor enthusiastically embraced Urbana attorney Erika Harold, a GOP candidate for attorney general.

“The one person that I’m really advocating strongly for is Erika Harold to be attorney general. There are other competitive races where I’m not taking an active position one way or another,” Rauner said. “Erika Harold is the one where I’m very and Darlene Senger for comptroller. We’ve got to have a comptroller who is independent of (House Speaker Michael) Madigan.”

So apparently Helland who is unopposed and Republican state treasurer candidate Jim Dodge also unopposed shouldn’t expect much help from Rauner.

Harold, though, already has been showered with campaign contributions from the Illinois Republican Party. Of the $253,189 in itemized contributions she’s received, more than $60,000 has come from the party.

Last week, Ammons’ campaign fund reported that $1,353 had been transferred from the exploratory committee to the state fund.
dr martens leather satchel few to do it at assessor