doc martens shoes womens Ferndale native set to coach Super Bowl

dr martens wedge boot Ferndale native set to coach Super Bowl

When the Philadelphia Eagles take the field in Super Bowl 52 there will be a unique connection to Western Washington. Ferndale Doug Pederson is now the head coach of the Eagles.

Pederson graduated in 1986 and played three sports in high school. The former Ferndale quarterback later became an NFL quarterback, before eventually working his way to the coaching world.

grew up playing with him, ever since the 5th grade, Finkbonner said. player he was is indicative of what kind of person he was and is. I think he always had a passion for the game and I think when you work with somebody who has passion for what they do I think that kind of bleeds off. what advice does his former coach have for Pederson?

like he coaches every other game, whether it the Super Bowl or anything else. Do it the same way, don do it any different, Randall said.

think he is a good guy. I think he done it the right way. He put in all the work, he put in all the steps to get to where he at. He hasn bypassed, nothing been given to him, I think he earned every step and he almost at the top, Finkbonner said. as former teammates we grinning ear to ear, we happy for him. I texted him the other day and I said, that was a huge mountain to climb and you there. I told him you have one more step.
doc martens shoes womens Ferndale native set to coach Super Bowl