dr martens 1460 forlife boot The Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology

cheapest dr martens The Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology

James AultSally BoxallLucy GrayEmma HeskethBrian JacksonArnout KalverdaGhulam KhanLars KuhnIain ManfieldRebecca ThompsonChi TrinhVisiting

Steve HomansArwen PearsonSimon PhillipsSimon PhillipsEmeritus

I use an interdisciplinary approach to study protein structure and function using X ray crystallography coupled with biophysical and biochemical methods. The overarching aim of my work is to develop novel proteins that can be used for industrial biotechnology; one of the most promising approaches to reducing pollution, conserving resources and reducing the costs incurred during the manufacture of many of the chemical precursors and fuels upon which we rely. The current focus of our research is on the identification and characterisation of novel enzymes for use in biotechnological applications.

Industrial biotechnology is one of the most promising approaches to reducing pollution, conserving resources and reducing the costs incurred during the manufacture of many of the chemical precursors and fuels upon which we rely. This approach aims to utilize enzymes or microorganisms to generate new bio based products from renewable raw materials. A major challenge for research in this context is to unlock the sugars contained in plant cell walls in the form of lignocellulose. One of the biggest obstacles to the successful implementation of industrial scale bioethanol production from lignocellulose is the highly recalcitrant nature of biomass to enzymatic breakdown. This has spurred a surge in interest in the natural enzymes produced by microorganisms for the degradation of biomass and has resulted in the discovery of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs). These copper dependent enzymes are now viewed as key players in biomass breakdown, and use a novel oxidative mechanism to induce chain breaks in polysaccharide chains. Following the discovery of LPMOs there is now a worldwide drive to ensure that these enzymes are used effectively for industrial application. One of the key aspects of how these enzymes function, that is incompletely understood, is how electrons are transported to the enzymes to support their activity. Gaining a thorough understanding of LPMO activation mechanisms will be key to optimizing the efficiency of enzymatic lignocellulose deconstruction and maximizing the lifetime of the reaction mixtures used in industry. The molecular basis of polysaccharide cleavage by lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases. (2014). A discrete genetic locus confers xyloglucan metabolism in select human gut Bacteroidetes. Nature, 506 (7489), 498 doi:10.1038/nature12907
dr martens 1460 forlife boot The Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology

doc martens wellies The Age Blogs

doc martens outfit The Age Blogs

The winner is former Australian Liberal Minister Jackie Kelly, for her incredible defence of a racist and fake election leaflet, which tried to discredit the Labor party.

Other Aussie notables nominated for mention include fallen footy star Ben Cousins and packaging mogul, Dick Pratt.

The full list of the year’s most negative PR disasters identified by bloggers,
doc martens wellies The Age Blogs
the media and PR and reputation management expert, yours truly, reads as follows:

1 Jackie Kelly comments over the racist and bogus election leaflet

2 Ribena its Vitamin C claims were disproved by two NZ schoolkids

3 Heather Mills McCartney her interview meltdown on a UK TV show

4 WorkChoices the policy said to have caused the Liberals’ election defeat

5 Whole Foods a fake blog praising its CEO, outed as being covertly written by the same CEO

6 Visy Industries/Dick Pratt fined over a major price fixing cartel scandal

7 Ben Cousins the AFL football player’s publicised spiral into drug addiction

8 FEMA the US government department had staff pose as fake reporters at a poorly attended press event

9 APEC/Chaser TV show The Chaser infiltrated international security posing as a Canadian motorcade transporting a fake Osama bin Laden

10 USA’s Cartoon Network marketers put fake,
doc martens wellies The Age Blogs
blinking ‘bombs’ on bridges to promote a showby Gerry McCusker

Your writeup of item 10 makes it appear you know nothing about the story at all. The Cartoon Network marketing campaign involved placing light boards around Boston depicting a cartoon character known as a Mooninite. If anything, the story doesn’t so much exemplify a PR disaster as it does the sorts of absurdities generated by a society living on the knife edge of post 9/11 anxiety. Having written a book on PR disasters, I know that when a marketing stunt causes negative, international media coverage,
doc martens wellies The Age Blogs
the comp pays $2mill in compo, and a snr manager resigns after acknowledging this, it’s def a PR disaster, kiddy bike light excuse or otherwise. Here’s a snip of what Jim Samples said when stepping down:

“I am sure you are aware of recent events in which a component of an Adult Swim marketing campaign made Turner Broadcasting the unintended focus of controversy in Boston and around the world. I deeply regret the negative publicity and expense caused to our company as a result of this campaign. As general manager of Cartoon Network,
doc martens wellies The Age Blogs
I feel compelled to step down, effective immediately, in recognition of the gravity of the situation that occurred under my watch.

doc martens baby The 7 coolest moments from Asbury Park’s huge weekend punk festival PHOTOS

doc martens red The 7 coolest moments from Asbury Park’s huge weekend punk festival PHOTOS

ASBURY PARK No early summer heat wave was going to keep the punks from Asbury Park this weekend.

“You want some punk rock? How ’bout this punk rock to your face!” Lenny Lashley shouted into his mic as his band, The New Darkbuster, ripped some rabid ska behind him.

This was just one of many standout moments from Sunday’s episode of the all weekend Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival in Asbury Park. The fest at the Stone Pony’s Summer Stage was what you’d expect: the music was fast, the pavement lot was hot, the emotions were raw and the punks loved every bit of it. Here are some of the coolest moments we saw.

The Menzingers reveal the perfect punk rock formula at NYC concert (PHOTOS)

The Jersey strong bands: Three of the bands that played Sunday (Hot Blood, Bigwig and Lifetime) are New Jersey natives. The crowd showed love for the local acts, with particularly lively sing alongs for Bigwig’s “The Girl in the Green Jacket” and Lifetime’s entire raucous set. It was a family affair for Lifetime; the five piece band has nine kids between them, and the little ones jammed along on the side of the stage as their fathers basked in the adoration of a hometown crowd. icons Buzzcocks are still playing their pop tinged brand of punk that has inspired generations. They released “Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve”, their biggest hit, in 1978; on Sunday it sounded like it had been released last week. Sunday’s crowd embraced the oldies like they were released last week, and the set featured some of the evening’s loudest sing alongs.

The snotty headliners: NOFX’s top of the bill set went just as planned: genre defining hits were played alongside deep cuts and new tracks, while frontman Michael “Fat Mike” Burkett traded teenage humor with guitarists Aaron “El Hefe” Abeyta and Eric Melvin throughout. At times the jokes may have gone too far, and much of the crowd was unfamiliar with the lesser known songs, but the hits made it all worth it. “Don’t Call Me White,” “Stickin’ In My Eye,” and “Linoleum” drew the day’s strongest crowd reactions.

13 raging moments you missed at Asbury Park’s epic punk festival (PHOTOS)

The leading ladies: Last year’s edition of Punk Rock Bowling Asbury Park featured exactly zero female performers how lame? This year was only marginally better (there were two women on stage), but those ladies absolutely ripped it. Kate Coysh, the singer of REIVERS who featured heavily in Leftover Crack’s set, and Poser’s frontwoman Jade Baisa, from Philadelphia, absolutely owned the stage and reminded everyone that punk is for all.

The mid day ska break: The New Darkbuster and The Pietasters played back to back sets in the middle of the bill, allowing the crowd to take a break from the harder bands with some soothing ska. Sure, plenty of folks love to hate on ska, but in this setting the genre found a home.

The best Garden State shoutout: Leftover Crack opened their set with a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark.” It was totally unexpected, but pretty good once you adjusted to the screaming duet of Coysh and frontman Scott Sturgeon.

The on brand advertising: Of course the was a mascot Pabst Blue Ribbon can walking through the crowd between sets, and of course Dr. Martens was handing out free swag from their tent.
doc martens baby The 7 coolest moments from Asbury Park's huge weekend punk festival PHOTOS

dr marten shoes sale The 5 Signs You are Holding Water and 3 Fast Solutions Anyone Can Follow

hot pink dr martens The 5 Signs You are Holding Water and 3 Fast Solutions Anyone Can Follow

Water Water Everywhere! 10 Causes of Water Retention

I have had several messages specifically regarding Water Retention. So I will try to explain what the main causes are and what you can do about it. Firstly I must state that I am a personal trainer not a doctor, so I will give you this based on my understanding, and lots of help from the internet!

Well known causes of water retention include heart or kidney problems, the heart and kidneys struggle to work properly and can cause swelling in the legs and ankles. If you are suffering from water retention you need to see your doctor, to rule out anything sinister. You should always contact your doctor if your skin stays swelled for a long period of time or if you poke yourself with your finger and it leaves an indentation mark.

5 Signs that You Are Retaining Water

1. If your socks leave a ring around your leg.

2. When you can not remove your rings because your fingers are swollen.

3. When you have a problem getting your trousers to zip up and down all of a sudden.

4. When you gain several pounds in just a day or so.

5. You have out or lost your definition for lean people only

Weak circulation in the leg veins is probably the most common cause of water retention in legs and ankles. those in hospital beds, wheelchairs, or on long haul flights, even potatoes can develop water retention because without regular movement, it is difficult for your lymphatic system to drain excess fluid out of your tissues. Exercise help to boost this process.

Water retention occurs in pregnancy and causes swelling.

In older people this problem may also result in varicose veins.

Premenstrual water retention is also common, and is caused by the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle.

One of the main causes of water retention is eating too much salty food. The main component of salt is sodium,
dr marten shoes sale The 5 Signs You are Holding Water and 3 Fast Solutions Anyone Can Follow
which the body dilutes with water if too much of it is present. Salt makes you thirsty, and your body will hold on to this water. Reducing the amount of salt in your diet will help you to release a little water retention but not usually more than about 2 lbs in weight.

Even a relatively salty diet, although it can be harmful in many ways, will not normally cause excessive water retention.

High levels of certain hormones can also make your body hold on to water. These include insulin, which is needed to process sugar; cortisone, which is produced when you are under stress; and the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. The water retaining effect is caused by the effects which these hormones have on sodium levels in your body, and on the hormones which govern how your kidneys work. Certain prescribed medicines such as the contraceptive pill and some painkillers can affect levels of these hormones. Water retention which is caused by hormones can be spread around the body but often affects your tummy most of all. Women can also get water retention in the breasts, which causes tenderness and swelling.

Cellulite, which mostly affects women thighs, is a form of fat combined with retained water. Sometimes it holds so much water that it is swollen and painful to the touch. Metabolic wastes and toxins such as pesticides which the body cannot easily release tend to be stored in this fat. It is thought the causes of the water retention in cellulite are either irritation or swelling due to these toxins,
dr marten shoes sale The 5 Signs You are Holding Water and 3 Fast Solutions Anyone Can Follow
or results from the body attempt to dilute them.

If you have water retention you are very likely to be overweight. But overweight people tend to go on a low calorie diet. A low calorie diet will unfortunately not get rid of water retention it can actually make it worse, especially if you eat less than 1,200 Calories a day for months or years. This is because you may not have enough protein in your blood to draw excess water out of your tissues. This type of water retention can cause generalised puffiness but if severe can give you a swollen tummy.

Histamine causes water retention leading to bloating and tummy swelling. If you have ever been stung by an insect or developed an itchy red lump after a mosquito bite, you will be familiar with the effects of histamine. Histamine widens the joins between the cells which line your smallest blood vessels, known as your capillaries. This makes them leak both water and protein into your spaces the area surrounding the cells of tissues such as flesh, organs and intestines. If the protein cannot be removed from your tissue spaces, it will stay there, attracting water.

Poor digestion and taking antibiotics can cause changes in your intestines which lead to a lot of histamine being produced in this area. Sometimes eating yoghurt and probiotics can help to reduce this problem, but if it has been going on for some time these measures may not be effective on their own.

10. Interesting Point you need to know!

Drinking less fluid will not cure water retention. One of the causes of water retention is dehydration due to not drinking enough water.

Rid yourself of water retention by eliminating your bad habits. Become more active, reduce your salt intake and drink more water are the most basic steps anyone can take.

Many types of water retention will respond to dietary measures. The Waterfall Diet has been designed by British nutritionist Linda Lazarides to help release excess water weight as quickly as possible. It can also help to treat health problems associated with water retention, such as swollen legs,
dr marten shoes sale The 5 Signs You are Holding Water and 3 Fast Solutions Anyone Can Follow
arthritis, high blood pressure and PMS.

doc martens womens The 5 Least Meaningful Songs People Mistake for Being Deep

dr martens 8 eye boot The 5 Least Meaningful Songs People Mistake for Being Deep

Every once in a while a song comes along that countless adoring fans hold up as an example of deep complexity. Songs that provide profound insight into the mysteries of life or are worthy of mention as modern poetry classics. And, of course, very often, this praise is wrong, because rather than being some brilliant philosopher poet, the song has been written by some dude who joined a rock band to bang chicks and do a lot of blow.”I think it was when I got syphilis for the third time, I began to understand the nature of the universe and how to fit it into a 4/4 time signature and A/B/A/B rhyme scheme.”

You can understand people getting the wrong idea here, particularly because of the two big lyrics, “One of 16 vestal virgins,” and “as the miller told his tale.” It also doesn’t hurt that the song is influenced by Bach’s music. It just sounds like it should be important. And because it sounds important, people go looking for meaning, like this anonymous, arrogant twit who insists (wrongly) that the song is about a cocaine overdose. But most people, myself included, typically think the song references The Canterbury Tales because “The Miller’s Tale” is the most famous part of that work. Bach, Chaucer, and a reference to Roman religion (vestal virgins) sure sound like heavy shit.”I also play tambourine on the second verse.”

But the Song Is About So Much Less

Well, let’s just go right to the lyricist, Keith Reid, who claims he was just trying to create a simple girl leaves boy story.:

“I had the phrase ‘a whiter shade of pale,’ that was the start, and I knew it was a song. It’s like a jigsaw where you’ve got one piece, then you make up all the others to fit in. I was trying to conjure a mood as much as tell a straightforward, girl leaves boy story. With the ceiling flying away and room humming harder, I wanted to paint an image of a scene. I wasn’t trying to be mysterious with those images, I wasn’t trying to be evocative.”

Oh, but what about the Canterbury Tales reference? Reid has said, “I’d never read The Miller’s Tale in my life. Maybe that’s something that I knew subconsciously, but it certainly wasn’t a conscious idea for me to quote from Chaucer, no way.” And lastly, while Romans did believe in the virgins of Vesta, the legend goes that there were six of them, not 16, so y’know, sometimes words are just fun! You don’t get lit credit for almost referencing things of significance. After all, we all know people are either good or bad, and can all be summed simply in a few lines of Internet text. So choose sides, and vilify or canonize. Go!Wait. What if he wasn’t an angel or devil and did great and terrible things totally unrelated to his art?

I highly recommend you follow this link where countless Beatles fans tell you not only what these amorphous, silly lyrics could mean, but what they totally have to mean. People like to pretend that each verse is about one of the Beatles, and the fun thing is that you have fans swearing that same exact verses are about different Beatles. People say “he wear no shoe shine” could only be about George Harrison liking to be barefoot, and of course, “one and one and one is three” obviously means Paul McCartney is dead, leaving three living Beatles. Also the fact that the song is sung in English over a backbeat must mean that Lennon is referencing England’s tyrannical colonization that beat upon people of foreign lands. OK, I made that up, but it’s no less stupid.

But the Song Is About So Much Less

Basically, when Timothy Leary was endorsing drug use and embracing the counterculture, he asked Lennon to write a song for his California gubernatorial campaign. His campaign slogan was “Come Together, Join the Party.” Lennon tried and failed to write a song, coming up with what Lennon himself called “gobblygook.”:

“It’s gobbledygook; Come Together was an expression that Leary had come up with for his attempt at being president or whatever he wanted to be, and he asked me to write a campaign song. I tried and tried, but I couldn’t come up with one. But I came up with this, Come Together, which would’ve been no good to him you couldn’t have a campaign song like that, right?”

So yeah, Lennon’s right, but don’t let that stop you from seeing big things.”Black Hole Sun”

Let’s be clear: I love Chris Cornell. What’s more, so often Cornell’s lyrics seemed to transcend the mere negativity or knee jerk rebellion of the grunge scene. While Kurt Cobain appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone with a homemade shirt reading “Corporate Magazines Still Suck,” he still, y’know, posed on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Did no one point out this irony to you?

Compare that to lyrics like Cornell’s “The Day I Tried to Live” where he acknowledges explicitly the failure of his attempts to be different than “all the other pigs.” But even though Cornell has written some heavy lyrics, “Black Hole Sun” is not an example of that. (Oh, also don’t get me wrong, he’s written crappy lyrics for Audioslave too).

Maybe because Soundgarden did have some heavy, existential lyrics, or maybe because the grunge movement put forth some earnest words, or maybe because the video was so deep and trippy, people certainly went looking for more with this song. Probably the best example I can find is this person who speculates the song is a reflection on being examined by higher life forms. I personally thought I had some insight when the song came out, believing the line “no one sings like you anymore” was a reference to Cornell’s friend Andrew Wood, the late former frontman of Mother Love Bone. But then again, I also thought I looked good in my imitation, Kmart Dr. Martens.

Well, despite all that speculation, Cornell has been repeatedly adamant that these words mean nothing.

“It’s just sort of a surreal dreamscape, a weird, play with the title kind of song. . Lyrically it’s probably the closest to me just playing with words for words’ sake, of anything I’ve written. I guess it worked for a lot of people who heard it, but I have no idea how you’d begin to take that one literally.”

Oh, so little faith in humanity, Chris. People can do anything when they’ve got a keyboard, access to the Internet, and the ability to type up stupid theories.
doc martens womens The 5 Least Meaningful Songs People Mistake for Being Deep

doc martens womens The 30 cities with the highest murder rates in the US

dr martens black boots The 30 cities with the highest murder rates in the US

Crime rates in America have dropped steadily in the last 20 years. According to the Pew Research Center, violent crime rates fell over 50 percent from 1993 to 2015. have gone up in the past two years. In some cities, murder rates increased at alarming speeds. For example, there were 496 murders in Chicago in 2015,
doc martens womens The 30 cities with the highest murder rates in the US
compared with 762 in 2016.

Which American cities experienced the highest murder rates in 2015? Using data collected by the 2015 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program, the following is a ranking of cities by their murder rate per 100,000 people. Only cities that had populations over 100,000 and murder rates over 10 were included. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program defines murder and non negligent manslaughter as the willful killing of one human being by another.

Note: Some cities,
doc martens womens The 30 cities with the highest murder rates in the US
including Cleveland, Ohio and Newark, New Jersey, have had higher than average murder rates in the past,
doc martens womens The 30 cities with the highest murder rates in the US
but are not reported on by the 2015 FBI UCR.

Note: The data published here is meant solely to illustrate the relative rates of crime, and not to make assertions about the effectiveness of law enforcement. There are many factors that affect the rate and nature of crime such as the degree of urbanization, composition of age groups, economic climate and modes of transportation within an area which are not considered here.
doc martens womens The 30 cities with the highest murder rates in the US

dr martens 1b99 The 1902 Coronation Riot at Watford

doc martens shoes sale The 1902 Coronation Riot at Watford

The Coronation of a new monarch has always been a cause for celebration, and never more so perhaps than in 1902, for in May of that year the Boer War had ended and Saturday, 28th June was Coronation Day, marking a new beginning after Victoria’s long reign. The good citizens of Watford, young and old, looked forward to the forthcoming celebrations: the children’s sports day in Cassiobury Park, the band and the grand procession and, in the evening, the lighting of the bonfire.

Alas, as events would show, Watford became a town of shame following scenes of drunkenness, assault, the plundering of property, arson and malicious damage, when hundreds of men and women rioted, many of them ending up in jail. Yet the cause of the troubles was unavoidable. It all happened because King Edward VII, awaiting his Coronation, had perityphlitis.

This disease we now know as appendicitis, and that he had contracted the illness was hardly Edward’s fault. Moreover, the operation then was far from straightforward, and Edward was in serious risk of death. In the event, he pulled through and reigned for eight years. But on Tuesday evening, with the Coronation just days away, and the looked forward to celebrations imminent, the Watford Town Council had no choice but to cancel festivities.

This did not go down well at all with the ‘rougher element’ of Watford’s population. They had looked forward in no small degree to drinking the health of the newly crowned king.

The chairman of the town council was one Francis Fisher, a local butcher. He it was who would ‘get the blame’, once the effects of a hot, sticky Thursday and, probably, alcohol, had combined to affect the minds and reasoning of the ‘rougher element’. Never mind the Coronation, what about the fun? Mr Fisher was hissed at as he walked through town

At 9.30 that Thursday evening, a crowd of up to three hundred people marched to the bonfire, evicted the watchman who was guarding it, and threw his hut on to the bonfire, which they lit. When Mr Waterhouse, the town surveyor, tried to intervene, he was pelted with stones and had to take refuge in a nearby cottage. The mob broke the windows, then, fired up like the bonfire, and armed with clubs, metal pips and stones, set off for the town centre. The one word on their lips was ‘Fisher’.

Superintendent Wood, the Watford police chief, had twenty men under his command. Unfortunately, half had been dispatched to Hemel Hempstead, whose own ‘rougher element’ was causing problems of its own. Reinforcements were sent for, but the mob, as it was, attacked Mr Fisher’s butcher’s shop, as well as two drapery stores and a shoe shop belonging to another member of the Coronation Committee, Mr George Longley.

Mr Fisher, anticipating the trouble, barricaded himself in his shop. When some of the rioters broke the windows and reached inside, he brought the shutters down sharply on their fingers. This started the rumour that he was cutting off rioters’ fingers with a meat cleaver! It was reported accordingly in the London press. Fisher, with his staff, were forced to retreat, the crowd surging into the premises which they tried to set ablaze, and when the fire brigade turned up they cut their hoses.

At his shop, Mr Longley calmly allowed the rioters to enter and steal property, at the same time making careful note of their faces. The mob stole boots and shoes, umbrellas and clothing. Later, giving evidence, Mr Longley said, ‘The women looters did not hurry but selected refinery with great care’.

In desperation, Supt Wood called for volunteers to form special constables. It was time to read the Riot Act, which the magistrate, Mr Coles, did in the old Market Place. Shouting above the noise, and ducking the occasional missile, Mr Coles fulfilled the requirement of the law, this being that before the specials could be ‘sworn’, the Act had to be read to the assembled crowd.

Two hundred specials (from 500 volunteers) were then sworn in to assist the regular policemen quell the riot. After being issued with an assortment of truncheons, they charged at the mob, smashing heads and dragging off ringleaders, arresting twenty eight men and eight women. There being insufficient room in Watford’s police station,
dr martens 1b99 The 1902 Coronation Riot at Watford
they were taken directly to St Albans prison.

Some regular officers suffered injuries: Inspector Boutell, Sergeant Page and three constables were described as ‘more or less hurt, none seriously’. All this in Watford town centre, all this over the cancellation of Coronation Day due to the king’s illness. We would not expect this today, surely, yet the following morning the mess they had to clear up might not today be an unfamiliar sight at first light: broken glass, lumps of wood and pools of blood!

The Herts Leader, reporting on the riot, said, ‘The disgraceful scenes which occurred in the streets of Watford on Thursday evening have not, fortunately, been repeated. The threatening of Mr Fisher, Chairman of the Council in the morning, the burning of the bonfire in the evening, the attack on Mr Fisher’s shop and the attempt to set fire to it, the sacking of the contents of the front windows of two High Street shops of Mr Longley, have been reported on the fullest detail’.

So they had. But had anyone considered the causes?

In August that year the Watford Critic had much to say of the riot, not least about Mr Fisher himself. ‘His chickens have come home to roost’, reported the Critic, alluding to the junketing by the workers at the outbreak of, and during, the Boer War. ‘Ruffianism was glorified into patriotism’, said the Critic, when favoured by Mr Fisher. Now it had broken out at the cancellation of the Coronation Day celebrations, on his instruction, he would learn that ‘whatever a man soweth that shall he also reap’.

The Critic also mentioned the slums of Watford. ‘If there is one person left in Watford,’ said the Critic, ‘who is still of the opinion that the question of the slums is small moment, a scrutiny of the addresses of the rioters should provide food for reflection. By far the greatest percentage came hotfoot from slumdom. Ballard’s buildings alone produced eleven.’ The Critic went on to name other locations, all slum areas of Watford.

‘The Low moral atmosphere generated in stifling court and alley is an important factor in the manufacture of the complete hooligan,’ wrote the Critic. ‘The Coronation Committee stands condemned. They promoted arrangements for the festive entertainment of the needy, and to provide schoolchildren with money which it was feared would find its way, among hooligans, into parents’ pockets.

‘All were on the tip toe of expectation. And the Committee, with stupendous stupidity or supine thoughtlessness, resolved to postpone the bounties, which, if bestowed as at first arranged, might have presented the only opportunity for public recognition of Edward Rex. Here was a grievance. Discontent was in the air. But nothing was done to avert it. Accustomed to close their eyes to the existence of slums, the Committee blundered’.

In other words, having provided hope for Watford’s slum dwellers, the Coronation Committee, in abandoning festivities, provided reason for the deprived to go on the rampage. And it was all Mr Fisher’s fault.

Be that as it may, on the Friday morning there remained the threat of more violence and a cleaning up operation to do. The former never happened, but now enter two police characters, Chief Constable Daniell, and Deputy Chief Constable, John Reynolds.

John Reynolds is described as a legendary figure in the history of the Hertfordshire Constabulary. Over thirty years before he had arrested John Chapman for the murder of PC Benjamin Snow at Benington, and had built up a firm reputation as a good copper before he retired with an astonishing 51 years’ service. Now he organised searches of the rioters’ homes in the slums of Watford, where there were more arrests and recovery of property stolen from the shop of Mr Longley. Even so, many of the shops remained barricaded.

Later, the rioters appeared before the Watford magistrates. They were brought on wagons, thus disappointing the crowd, who expected them to arrive from St Albans by train! Luckily for the rioters, no charges were brought under the Riot Act, which carried a maximum life sentence of penal servitude. Instead, they faced charges of assault, larceny (theft) and attempted arson.

At court, the Chief Constable ‘looked neat in riding breeches’, and the Chairman of the Bench, in a speech, said he wished to thank ‘all lovers of respectability’. The prosecutor, Mr Murphy, was bitter in his references to the ‘mob of so called Englishmen’, and praised the police. ‘I should be denying myself an agreeable duty if I did not mention the good work done by Superintendent Wood and those under him.’

Sentences ranged from ten months’ hard labour to fines. The prisoners were then marched from the court and through the town. Shackled and disgraced, they were placed into wagons and carted off to jail. Justice Phillimore, at St Albans assizes, expressed the hope that the monarch would make a full recovery from his serious illness, and added, ‘The people of Watford have permitted themselves to indulge in riotous excess. The ringleaders should suffer the punishment they deserve.’

Under the law, Town Hall funds provided compensation for the injured parties (amounting to between 1,000 and 2,000), the 200 specials were presented with riot truncheons as souvenirs, and the king was crowned that June. The slums, of course,
dr martens 1b99 The 1902 Coronation Riot at Watford

20 hole doc martens The ‘Deep Freeze’ MurderAnn Noblett

burgundy dr martens The ‘Deep Freeze’ MurderAnn Noblett

She was innocent, shy and seventeen. She’d been to dancing classes rock and roll lessons at Lourdes Hall, Harpenden, then caught a Green Line bus home. It was just after six o’clock that evening, 30th December, 1957, when she alighted, alone, at Cherry Tree Corner, Marshalls Heath, near Wheathampstead, and began to walk up the quiet lane to her home, barely quarter of a mile away. Another local, girl, Shirley Edwards, saw her walking in the lane as she passed by on her scooter.

But Ann Noblett never got home that night, and wasn’t seen again until her frozen corpse was discovered in a lonely wood, nearly seven miles away, over a month later. Except, that is, by her killer, who almost certainly picked her up in a car and drove her past her house to the place where she was suffocated.

There was, it seems, a clear motive behind Ann’s murder, for some of her clothing had been removed, so she was probably sexually assaulted. Not so clear are many other factors: when and where she was killed, and if she was killed elsewhere, how her lifeless body was carried into the wood, and the greatest mystery of all, by whom.

Ann Noblett was described as ‘a quiet, home loving girl’, and certainly her unexpected failure to arrive home that night must have caused her parents a great deal of concern. Neither they, nor anyone else, had any idea why Ann had disappeared, and it seems certain that if she had got into a passing car she must have known the driver unless, of course, she was abducted by force. Either way, it seems she was murdered shortly after, the grim results of the post mortem showing that the food she had eaten that day was still undigested in her stomach.

The wood was Rose Grove Wood, near Whitwell. The drive there from Marshalls Heath is a tortuous affair, with many twists and turns along dark, country lanes, with a choice of routes. But any conclusions the police might have drawn about the killer’s activities that night were speedily dispelled by the evidence they uncovered on the discovery of Ann’s body, for, it seems, she may have been killed elsewhere, and her body kept elsewhere, before being later taken by a person or persons unknown to the wood where she was found. Stanmore, who lived at Whitwell. Mr Symonds, with his brother, Brian, 14, had taken their dog, Rip, for a walk in the woods. ‘We had gone about half a mile along a path when Rip ran into the wood,’ said Mr Symonds, adding ‘I followed him, and in a clearing about 100 yards into the wood I saw the girl’s body.’ Mr Symonds said the body was not visible from the lane, but once in the wood it could be seen from 20 yards distance. He said Ann was lying there, as though asleep.

The discovery of the body at this spot was strange indeed, for not surprisingly, Ann’s parents had reported her missing immediately, and the woods were searched on New Year’s Eve by police with tracker dogs. It was searched again, this time with the help of 300 soldiers and local people, again without success. The lane, in fact, is a cart track, and was used as a short cut by locals in those days, though not so often, perhaps, at that time of year. Yet during the searches, and afterwards, over a period of a month, no one had seen Ann Noblett’s body, not even gamekeepers, well acquainted with the woods and surrounding land. Could it really have lain there undetected for so long?

The senior officer who took charge of the case was Detective Chief Superintendent Robert Elwell, of Hertfordshire CID. In keeping with the practice of that time a senior detective of New Scotland Yard’ Murder Squad was called in, in this case Det Supt Richard Lewis. The Yard’s assistance was sought, not because their detectives had superior skills to their provincial peers (as the public might have thought) but because the Yard had greater resources to deal with serious crime. In any event, the case was described as ‘one of the most baffling for years’, and became the focus of attention of the national press.

‘We shall never rest,’ said Ch Supt Elwell, as the police launched a massive murder hunt, and the Daily Herald reported, optimistically, ‘All the cunning of the murderer to cover his tracks has not deceived Scotland Yard’.

When Ann’s body was discovered, it was frozen. Given the time of year and, yes, winters were colder then this suggests she would have lain there for some time. But the weather had been unusually mild, and it seems Ann’s body may have been hidden in a deep freezer before being taken to the wood. At least that was the opinion of the Home Office pathologist, Dr Francis Camps, who carried out the post mortem. Because of this, the case became known as the ‘deep freeze’ murder.

This unusual turn of events sparked off an equally unusual line of enquiry for the police, and detectives were dispatched to farms over a widespread area to check out freezers where poultry was kept in freezing temperatures, awaiting favourable market prices. In seeking to determine whether or not Ann’s body temperature could have been so low by lying outdoors, police even sought the help of the Meteorological Office, who were asked to supply temperature records for the day and night periods during the time Ann was missing. It seems they weren’t as low as they might have been, lending greater weight to the theory that Ann had indeed been kept in a freezer.

Police ‘deep freeze’ enquiries extended to owners of refrigerated vehicles, everything from ice cream vans to vehicles carrying frozen vegetables. They established that there were scores of such vehicles ‘buzzing’ around the Hertfordshire lanes, packed with frozen vegetables, poultry and fish. They cast their net far and wide, to London and throughout the Home Counties.

A company executive told police, ‘Really low temperatures can be achieved merely by plugging in a cable from the van to an electric point’, and that drivers would load and unload unsupervised. It was possible, he said, for a body to be carried about in such a vehicle for weeks. It might even have possible to have kept her body frozen in a bed, by inserting sticks of dry carbon dioxide, of the type used to keep ice cream frozen in boxes, and pulling the bedclothes over to prevent gas escaping.

There were, too, the usual enquiries of local residents. In Marshalls Heath, where Ann lived, and Whitwell, where people were asked if they had seen a strange vehicle in the lane, near Rose Grove Wood. Who had walked in the woods lately, and could they think of any ‘suspicious persons’? Someone reported seeing a ‘black car’, driven by a middle aged man wearing horn rimmed spectacles. Neither was traced or identified.

Thoughts that Ann had been abducted and murdered by a local person, someone she would have known, were reinforced by the theory that if her body had been hidden in a deep freeze and later taken to the place where she was discovered, whoever it was must have known the area. Moreover, he would have required great strength to carry her into the wood from the track, some 300 yards through scrub Ann weighed over eleven stones. Either that or he would have had help. There was no sign that she had been dragged. A whole series of endless questions was thrown up because, crucially, no one could satisfactorily establish whether she was killed at the place she was found or, having regard to the findings and opinion of the pathologist, her body was indeed kept frozen and moved later.

Police called in biologists to try and establish how long Ann had lain where she was found. Not that long, one might think, if the ‘deep freeze’ theory was accurate. At least a fortnight, the biologists said, because there was at least two weeks’ difference in the growth of snowdrops and ferns underneath Ann’s body and those around it. This, I believe, is crucial evidence, tending to discount the deep freeze theory of the pathologist. The body would have thawed, surely, lying outside for two weeks in lower than normal temperatures.

Also crucial was the discovery that Ann, who was found fully clothed and wearing her overcoat, had been stripped and re dressed, proved by buttons on her underclothes being wrongly done up, a mistake Ann would not have made. She was found lying, as though asleep, still wearing her spectacles. Said Detective Chief Supt Elwell of her killer: ‘He may think he has committed the perfect crime, but we shall never rest until he is caught’. Until he is, the macabre chain of events surrounding the death of Ann Noblett will forever remain a mystery.

I wonder if the police are still looking.

When Ann Noblett’s lifeless body was discovered in Rose Grove Wood, also found were a number of coins from her purse, amounting to thirty shillings (1.50). Had the killer deliberately placed them there to suggest Ann had lost no property? a cunning act in times when the death penalty had been abolished, except for murder in certain circumstances, including the furtherance of theft. For, if her killer was caught and could prove he had not stolen anything, he would not hang. Better it would be, for him, if he could prove he had raped and murdered Ann, rather than robbed her, an offence, however unjustly, not carrying the death penalty.
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I cannot properly convey the warm thoughts I wish and feel for the McClish family. I cannot properly express how eternally grateful I am for the clarification Molly Marcello gave in the last edition newspaper. It was very much needed, and I hope it resonates within everyone.

Creating an all inclusive environment is a necessity,
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and I hope in the future it is no longer breeding grounds for hatred. To teach each other to love, unconditionally is such an important factor in the growth of our younger generations to come.

Ashley NashWe’re glad to give readers a forum to express their points of view on issues important to this community. That forum is the “Letters to the Editor.” Letters to the editor may be submitted directly to The Times Independent through this

Letters may not exceed 400 words in length,
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must be regarding issues of general interest to the community, and may not include personal attacks,
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offensive language, ethnic or racial slurs,
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or attacks on personal or religious beliefs. Letters should focus on a single issue. Letters that proselytize or focus on theological debates will not be published. During political campaigns, The Times Independent will not publish letters supporting or opposing any local candidate. Thank you letters are generally not accepted for publication unless the letter has a public purpose. Thank you letters dealing with private matters that compliment or complain about a business or individual will not be published. Nor will letters listing the names of individuals and/or businesses that supported a cause or event. Thank you letters about good Samaritan acts will be considered at the discretion of the newspaper.
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