dr martens blue Kernville Steak and Seafood House is a memory

doc marten factory shop Kernville Steak and Seafood House is a memory

12:40am Saturday. The Kernville Steakhouse is fully engulfed in flames. The restaurant is located at 186 Siletz Highway. North Lincoln Fire and Rescue is enroute. Depoe Bay Fire Rescue is also being notified.

12:42am The fire has gone to a third alarm.

1:00am Firefighters determined that the fire was too far along to save the steakhouse. At that point the decision was made to simply dump as much water on it as they could so that it doesn spread to trees or other homes/buildings in the area. That why you see firefighters calmly walking around. They just coordinating 4 to 5 different sources of water trained onto the fire. The building was just about 100% cedar cedar, so it burned hot and took a lot of water to put the fire out.

The Kernville Steak and Seafood House has been destroyed barely two months after being re opened by Michael and Theresa Thompson. The young couple, surrounded by consoling friends, sat stunned and shocked as they watched their big life investment go up in smoke .

Early reports indicated that the fire started in the kitchen area, about an hour after closing. An investigation will be launched as soon as the get the fire out. The State Fire Marshall is enroute to the fire to help ascertain the spot where the fire started and what may have caused it. Early witnesses said it appeared the fire began in the kitchen area.

There will be a concerted community effort to help Michael and Theresa Thompson rebuild. There is some talk that they try to regroup and temporarily take over an available restaurant space while they explore ways to rebuild on the river in Kernville.
dr martens blue Kernville Steak and Seafood House is a memory