dr martens 1490 boot Judge forced to drop murder charge over former UNM medical

doc martens 1914 Judge forced to drop murder charge over former UNM medical

(KRQE) In the middle of a high profile murder case, a Texas judge excluded testimony from a medical examiner, ruling it unreliable. As it turns out, the medical examiner has ties back to Albuquerque.

Dr. Sam Andrews was the same medical examiner whose testimony was also questioned in one of Albuquerque’s most high profile cases: the James Boyd case.

“That’s pretty much unheard of,” David Fisher said. “Of all the times I’ve looked at cases and I’ve looked at cases that go back 30 40 years, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Fisher is a Texas consultant who does research primarily for defense teams in high profile cases, with a focus on medical examiners.

The defendant in the Texas case is Bryan Canchola. He’s accused of killing his boyfriend during a fight they had back in 2015 after a night of drinking. The defense argued that when Dr. Andrews initially conducted the autopsy, he couldn’t determine the exact cause of death.

“The judge was not amused,” Fisher said. “He told the medical examiner that he was thoroughly disgusted.”

The judge still allowed Dr. Andrews to testify, then went ahead this week striking Andrews’ testimony.

“When I saw this unfolding with Andrews I contacted the attorneys representing (Canchola) and said, ‘Hey, you need to look at this guy’s background.'”

Fisher, who looked into Andrews’ background, said he recognized the once New Mexico medical examiner. He was the medical examiner who testified in the James Boyd case, as two Albuquerque Police officers stood trial for murder in the homeless camper’s 2014 death.

In that trial, Dr. Andrews testified that multiple “wounds contributed in some way to the death of Mr. Boyd.”

It didn’t take long for the officers’ attorneys to fire back, saying at a pre trial hearing that Dr. Andrews had first ruled it was a single shot that did the most damage. He was accused, while on the stand, of changing his story.

“This guy has developed a pattern that in your case with Boyd being negligent, but now it seems to be more intentional,” Fisher said.
dr martens 1490 boot Judge forced to drop murder charge over former UNM medical