dr martens women Treasure Coast Newspapers in Big Sugar’s Pocket

dr martens 6 eye boot Treasure Coast Newspapers in Big Sugar’s Pocket

Can you spell h y p o c r i t e? Here’s a closer look at one:The Treasure Coast newspaper group that spent more than a year dogging lobbyist Ken Pruitt like a bloodhound at a crime scene for taking a sugar company’s money . well, how can I put this? . climbed into bed with a sugar company. Sugar Corp.(USSC). And they’re going to be snuggling up for some time. Sugarad, cost not disclosed “one of a series of 10 or 12 such ads,” USSCspokesperson Judy Sanchez told me.

When asked why the company was advertising in a newspaper that spent the last year trashing it, Sanchezsaid, “The Treasure Coast community has only heard about us, now they’re going to meet us. We wanted to tell the story no media outlet on the Treasure Coast ever told. This is who we are.”

But, wait! Why would this daily newspaper group make such a deal with Big Sugar?Isn’t sugar money dirty?

On June 19, 2013, the papercertainly thought so. Itran an editorial headlined, “Treasure Coast lawmakers should reject cash from Big Sugar.” In the first paragraph it asked,”Which Treasure Coast lawmaker will be the first to set an example and decline campaign contributions from Big Sugar? Or will they all continue to rake in cash from the deep pocketed industry while professing that money doesn’t affect how they vote in the Florida Legislature?”

That editorial was printed at a time whenI was wondering which newspaper would be the first in Florida to decline a Big Sugar ad? Oops, I guessnot Treasure Coast Newspapers.

Confuscious say, Big Sugar cash bad for you, good for me.

Certainly sugar money was dirtywhen Ken Pruitt, former Senate president and now St. Lucie County property appraiser, signed on to include Florida Crystals as one of his 16 lobbying clients. Treasure Coast editorslaunched a year long attempt to humiliate and discredit perhaps the most accomplished state lawmaker ever to represent the Treasure Coast by running the daily”Pruitt Meter” a mug shot of Pruitt at the top of the Opinion Page, with a number that counted the days he refused to discuss whether he would keep his “lucrative lobbying business” or give it up and be a full time county property appraiser. Pruitt’s decision to take on a sugar client was at the heart of the campaign. Sugar full page adas a conflict of interest, considering editorshad made sugar the bad guy almost on a daily basis for the last two years, and in a sense,part of its franchise. “I haven’t talked to Mark (Executive Editor Mark Tomasik) about it,” said Brunjes,
dr martens women Treasure Coast Newspapers in Big Sugar's Pocket
who previously was the paper’s advertising director. “People mentioned it todayat a (Martin County)Economic Council luncheon, but so far, nobody has come charging into my office to complain.” He suggested I talk with Tomasik.

Did Tomasik think accepting an ad from the enemy was hypocritical?”The newsside and the revenue side areindependent of each other,” hesaid.

“Wow, that’s a pretty large peacepipe, an ad like that,” said Robbie Brown from Palm City.”In the end I guess it’s all about money.”

Barbara Clowdus, editor of Martin County Currents, said, “I could hardly believe it when I saw the ad, and the size of it. Iwas hounded mercilessly for taking three ads from a sugar company a couple years ago, so I didn’t take any more. I see now I should have invited them back.”

Treasure Coast Newspapers and the Everglades Trust/Foundation/Coalition have been joined at the hip since the devastating rainysummer of2013, when fresh water from Lake Okeechobee and feeder canals gushed into the St. Lucie estuary and Indian River Lagoon, bringing a plethora of pollutants.

I have to ask myself, will the Everglades environmental groups now target their buddythenewspaper, a studyin hypocrisy,with the same kind ofattack mailer it aimed at state Reps. Kristin Jacobs, Katie Edwards and Heather Fitzenhagen? More about the mailernext time I write. In the meantime, be reminded hypocrisy is all around us, it’s everywhere, it’s the foul air we breathe when we look across at the next pasture. She left the paper in January 2005.

Nancy, you are so full of crap its laughable. I do not begrudge the paper one iota for running these ads. It no different than running Cadillac ads. Ads are Ads so long as the paper is able to keep the reporting separate the revenue stream that keeps it afloat. Like the paper now does. What I do begrudge is when a paper lets it advertisers dictate how it reports. if they took big sugar money and then did not write articles about how the community is negatively impacted by Big Sugar. Ironically exactly like how it operated when you were in charge of same said paper. I do not even know how you utter the word hypocrite without choking on it. I cant help but wonder this propaganda rag rakes in from Big Sugar to lob fluff pieces like this at the public. citizens is going to contract a form of life threatening cancer. Cancer is not just for the over the age of fifty crowd anymore. SUGAR is the leading fuel that cancer feeds on. that have cornered a market that has been scientifically proven to be a leading cause of cancer in humans and the destruction of our precious Everglades.

Government support for Big Sugar with its protectionist policies have resulted in higher cost to consumers of everything containing sugar and the loss of sugar manufacturing companies like candy companies to more open markets where sugar prices are at market. No doubt the sugar companies appreciate the protection of certain congress critters and reward them commensurately. It is generally called crony capitalism because extortion and bribery just don sound nice.

As for the newspapers selling them ads to counter their editorials what wrong with that? in fact, the newspaper should publish op eds to allow anyone to rebut their editorials.
dr martens women Treasure Coast Newspapers in Big Sugar's Pocket