dr marten knee high boots Tribute to Harry Robertson TN1303

doc martens office Tribute to Harry Robertson TN1303

Tribute to Harry Robertson 1923 1995, rounds out the recording of the songs of Evan and Lyn Mathieson’s old friend Harry. It is designed as a companion to the Harry’s Legacy CD from 2007. Evan and his wife Lyn were befriended by Harry and his wife Rita in Brisbane in the 1960’s and the friendship grew through the years. This CD pays tribute to Harry’s folk legacy ” a timely tribute to Harry in the year that Rita Robertson celebrates her 80th birthday.

The problem with dying is that what remains of our creative output can be left in disorder unless, as for Harry, there is a Lyn Mathieson to put Humpty back together again. In Harry’s case this carefully considered labour of friendship was clearly worthwhile. Harry had left scattered versions of so many fine songs on work, hazards of seafaring, politics, Australian history, period gender issues, people, and the hard stuff about the things (good and bad) that we really do. Harry’s songs are an unflinchingly honest diary of life.

They are also musically diverse, enabling Evan to showcase his fine guitarmanship, and mastery of his self built autoharps played with unparalleled versatility. Evan’s home studio enabled him to follow his dream in producing an album, unrushed,
dr marten knee high boots Tribute to Harry Robertson TN1303
solo, and entirely according to his own ingenuity and judgement. Evan layered instruments (autoharp, guitar and harmonica), created his own harmony choruses, and arranged a variety of tight but relaxed accompaniments to his own easy but accurate singing style.

Some of Harry’s sharp edged poems are also included one in his own distinctive Scottish voice.

Another powerful archival recording re engineered by Evan is of Harry singing his original 1967 version of Ballina Whalers with the majestic steady pace and momentum of one of his repaired ships (with Harry sweetened engines) gliding from the dock, accompanied by a very able shanty chorus of voices recorded with him in the 60’s.

This album will take you out to sea, into the past, across the continent, underground, through the night with drink and song, under the lash, through the protest era, and on with a laugh and a song.
dr marten knee high boots Tribute to Harry Robertson TN1303