doctor martens shoes Train derailment shakes up Village of Wabamun

dr martens uk sale Train derailment shakes up Village of Wabamun

The Village of Wabamun was shaken earlier this week as a CN Railway train derailed near the townsite of the Village on Feb. 8.

RCMP reported that on the afternoon of Feb. 8, a CN train collided with a semi tractor trailer vehicle, derailing multiple train cars. The driver of the tractor trailer sustained minor injuries as a result of the collision. No leaks or breach of the train cargo was reported.

Wabamun Mayor Charlene Smylie stated that she was in contact with CN Railway throughout the day.

initial assessment we received was correct, there was no danger to the public or loss of life reported, Smylie said. east bound train had a grade crossing incident at a private crossing south of 53 Street. The first nine cars and engine derailed tonight I find myself incredibly grateful for the quick response and fabulous team we have here and appreciate the successful regional partnership we have with Parkland County in delivery of emergency services. the days since the derailment, both tracks have been cleared and trains are running again, but an assessment of damages still needs to be completed, according to Smylie.

still have to do an assessment of the damages but there still quite a bit of material. Thank goodness nothing is toxic or leaking, but there are some pules of material along the CN line and some repairs that will probably be ongoing and we won even realize until the spring, she said.

This is not the first time a train derailment has impacted the Wabamun community,
doctor martens shoes Train derailment shakes up Village of Wabamun
with a CN train pouring 800,000 litres of oil into Lake Wabamun after derailing in 2005. Despite memories of that environmental disaster, Smylie said that the community has been calm and collected throughout this most recent scare.

was out and about in the community over the weekend and I been amazed at the resiliency. Everyone is relaxed and there a collective calm in the village afterwards everyone was relieved that it was nothing serious, she said.

The time of the year may also have proved fruitful in terms of mitigating community impact, with Smylie saying that had the derailment happened during the summer months, it would have impacted more residents.

were fortunate, because it happened with a few people on the other side of the tracks a few fishermen because the lake was frozen they were able to drive down the lake and find an exit. If this would have happened during the summer I think it would have been really scary for families in the spray park or people launching their boats, she said, adding that the Village will be consulting with CN to prevent any further incidents.

be working with CN moving forward and we have some issues and clean up to deal with and we be in conversation about how to prevent accidents like this from happening in the future, Smylie said.
doctor martens shoes Train derailment shakes up Village of Wabamun